Zara and Mike Tindall enjoy a night down the pub or a curry, boxset and some lagers on their ‘normal’ date nights


BRITAIN’S most “easy-going and popular” members of the royal family Zara and Mike Tindall love nothing more than a date night in with a “curry and a boxset”.

While life is certainly not a struggle when your grandmother is the Queen, Zara, 38, and Mike, 40, have a relatively down-to-earth life, according to a royal source.

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Zara and Mike Tindall enjoy pub nights or a curry on their date nights, according to a royal source[/caption]

Speaking to Fabulous Digital, a source said: “She and Mike relax in their dog-strewn home with a box set, a good curry and some lagers to assist the evening.”

When they do enjoy a Saturday date night out in their local pubs in Gloucestershire, their two kids, Mia Grace, five, and Lena Elizabeth, one, are watched over by Princess Anne, 68.

The source added: “Mike and Zara are a real team, a strong family unit, genuinely still in love, they hold hands in public, and are the best company to be around.

“They love a Saturday night in their local pub, content in then knowledge that their two happy daughters are tucked up with granny Princess Anne, listening to her reading them stories.”

Mike and Zara are devoted parents to their two kids, Mia Grace, five, and Lena Elizabeth, one


The down-to-earth couple starred on Top Gear together in June[/caption]

Mike Tindall with his daughter Mia during the Celebrity Cup charity fundraiser golf tournament

Zara, who is a cousin of Prince William and Prince Harry, was seen at Royal Ascot joking with the rest of the famous family – and her sweet bond with Prince Charles was on show for all to see.

Prince William and Kate Middleton also hold her in high esteem, and selected her to be one of Prince George’s godparents.

The source said: “Zara was the first choice to be godmother, a role Zara takes very seriously.

“At Gatcombe there are equal dollops of fun, new skill learning, a bit of riding, mini rugby and outward bound pursuits.

“Mia and George are inseparable chums, egged on by Savannah and Isla. Muddy clothes, wet dogs, shrieking giggles, play fights are all to be expected by the Tindalls.”


Zara and Mike live in the relative calm of Gatcombe Park in Gloucester where she grew up[/caption]

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Zara tied the knot with former rugby union player Mike Tindall in 2011[/caption]

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The Tindalls are very close with Prince William and Kate Middleton[/caption]

Zara tied the knot with former rugby union player Mike Tindall in 2011, and she moved from Cheltenham to live in the “relative calm” of Gatcombe Park, where she grew up.

The couple have a tight-knit family unit on the estate.

Zara’s brother Peter Phillips, his Canadian wife Autumn and their two daughters Savannah and Isla also live a stone’s throw away, along with Princess Anne and second husband Admiral Tim Lawrence.

The source said: “Zara is often seen running errands in her Range rover, out on a quad bike, feeding horses, walking dogs, but can scrub up nicely for a Royal engagement.

“Zara is up early, mucking out and riding out with her horses whilst Mike will attend to his daughters.

“They have a 50:50 split in their parental responsibilities.”

The royal couple are said to be ‘genuinely in love’ and share parenting 50:50

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Horse-lover Zara and Charles have frequently been pictured affectionately hugging, kissing and laughing together[/caption]

While Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have just forked out £750,000 on a high security team at Frogmore Cottage, life at Gatcombe is much more informal.

“Guests at Gatcombe are treated to ‘Muck in and be merry’”, said the source.

“There are no formalities, what you see is what you get.

“Christmas at Sandringham is enhanced by the upbeat Tindalls who diffuse any royal falling outs and pecking order disruptions as soon as possible.”

Royal fans recently loved that Zara ‘couldn’t keep her hands off’ Mike when they starred on Top Gear last month, and praised her for singing karaoke at the Celebrity Cup at the Celtic Manor in Wales last week.

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