You’ve Been Making Your Gin & Tonics All Wrong! Expert Claims You Should Let The Ice Melt Before Drinking


THE secret to a perfect gin & tonic has been revealed – and it may surprise you.

Whether it’s a lukewarm glass of vino or a G&T, most of us dread ice melting and ‘watering down’ our tipple – especially during the summer months.

Getty – Contributor You’ve been making gin & tonics all wrong! Here’s why you should let the ice melt slightly before drinking

But now one gin expert claims that’s exactly what you should do.

David T Smith, who’s an ambassador for Gordon’s, told Good Housekeeping you should wait a minute or

He revealed: “When the ice begins to melt, this not only makes the drink cooler but helps to marry all the flavours together.”

So there you have it folks, your patience will pay off in the long run.

Getty – Contributor It’s only when the ice begins to melt that the flavours really ‘marry’ together, according to one gin expert

Another common mistake is limiting yourself to just one or two ice cubes.

But James Chase, who’s the CEO and Founder of Chase Distillery, said it’s “crucial” to add more ice – which will actually reduce the dilution.

“Add as much ice as you possibly can,” he told Good Housekeeping.

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