‘You’re the bully!’ BBC guest explodes at Owen Jones over ‘big state’ demand

Owen Jones is the left-wing commentator best-known for his columns in The Guardian newspaper. In the run up to the 2017 and 2019 general elections, Mr Jones became almost synonymous with the Labour Party. Videos of him talking politics, socialism, and condemning the Government went viral on social media and garnered the support of the masses.

The masses are something that Mr Jones claims to fight for in his work.

He has written several books, the most recent set to be published in September, exploring the rise and fall of Jeremy Corbyn and his socialist movement.

His first, ‘Chavs: The demonisation of the working class’, put his name on the map and became an instant bestseller.

Many criticised him though; with several critics arguing that yet another middle class, Oxbridge educated man was attempting to explain the struggles of everyday people without ever having experienced those struggles himself.

It is a point that many of his detractors attempt to pull him up on in his political discourse.

In 2017, Mr Jones appeared on the BBC’s Daily Politics show.

There, he argued for a more “equal” society through state intervention.

Laura Perrins, co-editor of The Conservative Woman, exploded at Mr Jones over the gender pay gap in Britain.

She called demand for equal pay a “Marxist” idea, while accusing Mr Jones of being a bully.

JUST IN‘You ARE the establishment! ‘Owen Jones torn apart by John Humphrys

“You want a big state, you want the state meddling in everybody’s decisions, meddling in the family, supplementing everybody’s income.

“Conservatives believe in a small state.”

Mr Jones had been sat quietly throughout the rant, appearing amused with Ms Perrins’ outburst.

He replied: “I just want a more equal and just society and I think that women and men shouldn’t have a gap in terms of how they are paid. All we are talking about…”

Ms Perrins cut him off, and thundered: “So you want equality of outcome because you’re a big state, you always campaign for the big state.”

To which the left-wing activist said: “I don’t want women to end up being paid less than men in this country which is why there is a very pragmatic approach, we should have childcare people can afford as well as flexible working.”

Challenging the Tory MP, Mr Jones added: “You’re for choice, aren’t you?”

Ms Perrins hit back: “You are for state intervention. You are arguing for state meddling, for bullying of families, bullying mothers in particular.”

In 2016, the women and equalities committee made 17 recommendations to the Government on how to reduce the gender pay gap.

It later emerged that the majority of recommendations were rejected.

At the time, MPs claimed evidence showing that women were paid less went ignored.


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