You can play Devil May Cry 5 for free today – and here’s why you should


DEVIL May Cry has always been silly.

Occasionally it has been absurd — but it’s always been fun and looked damn good doing it.


Every fight in DMC gets rated from D to SSS — with better rewards the higher you rate[/caption]

DMC5 is no exception. It is bigger, badder and better-looking than the series has ever been before, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

The combat is slick, stylish and utterly absurd whichever of the three characters you happen to be playing with.

You can slice, shoot, zap and shred hordes of hellspawn as either Nero, Dante or newcomer V, racking up style and combo points as you go.

If you’ve never played a Devil May Cry game before, it’s well worth downloading the demo that has just been released so you can get a feel for quite how silly it is — while we’ve had a huge amount of fun with it in our time playing the game, it’s not for everyone.


Huge blood-sucking bugs, skeletal beserkers and deadly reapers are all waiting to be cleaved in twain[/caption]

You’ll find yourself everywhere from magical landscapes to dingy sewers and even Tower Bridge as you embark on a quest to save the world from a building-sized demon king.

The music is pumping, the combat is very fast-paced and the demons are all very, very ugly — and dispatching them is most definitely visceral.

  • Devil May Cry 5 Demo, PS4 – download it now
  • Devil May Cry 5 Demo, Xbox One – download it now

Back to that silliness, though.

As Nero you now have a selection of explosive, robotic or mechanical arms to choose from to use in combat, and can launch them at enemies, blow them up to clear space, or use them to grapple around the levels or onto enemies themselves.


Nico’s neon-adorned killing machine of a mobile workshop can be called in by Nero when he needs an upgrade[/caption]

Once you master them — and they can all be upgraded as you go along — they really add an extra couple of layers to combat, giving you ever more ways to rack up the huge and stylish combos you need to get top ratings in fights.

You’ve still got Red Queen and Blue Rose — Nero’s massive sword and punchy revolver — of course, and working out how to use all three in concert is the key to really making the game work.

Dante has a wider range of weapons but operates in a similar way — you’re still trying to eviscerate demons up close while dodging their blows.

V, however, is different. He’s still got ranged and melee combat options — but these come through two demons who do the fighting for him.


Combat moves from sprawling open ruined cities to magical landscapes and claustrophobic interiors[/caption]

Distant enemies can be blasted with Griffon, an electrically charged demonic corvid or torn to shreds by the panther-like Shadow all while V stays out of the way, generally looking like he’d much rather be drinking snakebite and smoking clove cigarettes than fighting back the forces of hell.

You an also summon Nightmare every so often, a huge laser-eyed golem who lays waste to pretty much everything as soon as it appears.

One twist is that even as V you need to finish enemies off yourself — once your familiars have weakened them sufficiently you can dash in and finish them off with his cane.

Playing through levels as V feels very, very different to with either of the others, but still fits right in with the universe.


V relies on demons to do almost all his fighting for him, presumably so as not to mess up his hair[/caption]

If you don’t like replaying games to find all its secrets and trying to get a better score than last time, like your enemies to be vaguely human-shaped and your weapons to be somewhat realistic, then this is not the game for you.

Similarly, if you like earnest and likeable characters who are sensibly attired for combat, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

But if you like the idea of sending unending hordes of ridiculous demons back to hell in the most stylish way possible, with music and visuals rewarding you for that style, then DMC5 is most definitely the game for you.

Not sure? Then check out the demo today — it only features Nero and a small selection of those arms, but it gives you a perfect flavour for what to expect from the full game.

  • Devil May Cry 5 Demo, PS4 – download it now
  • Devil May Cry 5 Demo, Xbox One – download it now

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