You Can Now Buy Socks With Your Bff’s Face On Them (but They’ll Set You Back £19.99)


LET’S be honest, who doesn’t like receiving a quirky pair of socks as a gift?

You can now take your sock game to the next level by getting your face printed on a pair and giving them to your nearest and dearest.

prezzybox Now you can turn your selfies into personalised socks to wear yourself or give as the ultimate gift Personalised socks, £19.99 from Prezzybox – buy now

Prezzybox has launched a new product so you can personalise socks with a photo of your choice so you can really put your best foot forwards.

The new service means you can add a picture of yourself, a mate or even your pet to three different sizes of socks.

The toe-tally bonkers product costs £19.99 and is available online from the website.

Designs include birthday socks to go with any cheeky birthday suits, socks with faces dotted over them randomly, and even socks covered entirely by a face of your choice.

prezzybox You can even get a photo of your pet so you never have to be apart from them again

prezzybox The selfie sock service costs £19.99 and is available online from the website

Why not get your friend’s face printed over your socks, so you can truly be the perfect pair when you wear them?

And you never have to be parted from your pet again if you print your favourite photo of them on your personalised pair.

The socks aren’t just style over substance, as they are made from a soft poly-cotton material to keep your trotters snug.

prezzybox There are even birthday socks available if you are struggling to think of a present

prezzybox If you want, you can cover the entire sock with a face of your choice

prezzybox Your friends may think you are barking mad, but who cares?!

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