Yellowstone: Did Cole Hauser nearly reject Rip Wheeler role in Yellowstone?


    “I don’t want to just play the cowboy that rides the fence line. I want to have at least that kind of wave of colors, and Taylor was like, ‘If you trust me, you give me this opportunity and we’ll find that.’”

    The decision appears to be one which paid off with Rip being a huge presence on Yellowstone.

    Along with Hauser’s work in Yellowstone, he has featured in TV series Rogue, Chase, ER and K-Ville.

    His film credits include 2 Fast 2 Furious, Running With The Devil, Olympus Has Fallen and A Good Day to Die Hard.

    Season four is in the works with production expected to be commencing soon as the next chapter of ranch unfolds but just how the massive cliffhanger will be resolved remains to be seen.

    Yellowstone season 3 is streaming on the Paramount Network now and Amazon Instant Video US


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