YELLOW VEST CHAOS: Macron protestors confronted by riot police in the 22nd week of riots


The activists have marked “Act 22” of the protests by causing chaos on the French streets, in the wake of the “anti-rioters” bill that came into effect on Tuesday. The bill, which was approved by lawmakers in February, aims to crack down on violence that has marred the yellow vest demonstrations since they began in mid-November. But rioters do not seem phased by the laws passage, with many protestors continuing to cover their faces, despite it having become outlawed.

Hundreds of yellow vests have taken to the streets across France, holding flags and banners in revolt against French President Emmanuel Macron.

Vehicles have been set alight amid clouds of smoke grenades in demonstrations which have lasted nearly six months.

Anti-riot police and street medics stood guard in preparation of the protests turning sour.

Several arrests have been made and medics have had to provide medical assistance to injured demonstrators, according to reports.

Most of the chaos is taking place in the southern city of Toulouse, which has been dubbed “the national capital of yellow vests” for today’s protest.

A turnout of over 4,000 people was expected.

The organisers of the movement have said they want a “black day and national mobilisation to fight against Macron and his world”.

Protests are also said to be taking place in Paris, Marseille, Grenoble, Lille and other cities.

Last week’s protests saw the lowest official turnout, with the Interior Ministry saying just 22,300 people participated.

Today’s protest is forecasted to have a similarly low showing.

But the Easter weekend is likely to attract larger crowds, as Mr Macron is expected to respond to the results of the ‘Great National Debate’, which ended this week.

The series of debates, which began in January, saw Mr Macron participate in 92 hours of public debates.


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