WW3 fears soar as Russia, Iran and North Korea to exploit China and India border conflict


    Asia expert and author Gordon Chang argued countries could use the clashes between China and India to their advantage, sparking World War 3 fears. During an interview with Express.co.uk, Mr Chang claimed countries like Russia, North Korea, and Iran may use this time period to gain an advantage over the US. He claimed all three nations have started acting in a more volatile way since the China-India skirmishes – as they gamble on the US being preoccupied.

    Mr Chang said: “We have got to be concerned that this would also be Russia and the United States.

    “The way this could spread is not so much that countries join in with China and India.

    “But it is that you have Russia, Iran and North Korea trying to take advantage of this situation and causing trouble elsewhere.”

    Mr Chang went into greater detail as to how the current crisis between India and China could be exacerbated.

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    He said: “Them taking advantage of the situation is how this could become a global conflict.

    “There are a number of different ways that this could escalate and become much broader in scope.

    “These countries could think the United States is distracted or think they have nothing to lose.

    “You can see Iran causing trouble its neighbourhood, Russia putting pressure on Ukraine.

    “It is especially provocative and belligerent.

    “It is not just in India as we have seen this across China’s southern and eastern borders.

    “There has been boat-bumping and other incidents in the South China Sea and East China Sea.”


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