World’s Worst Tattoo Quotes Will Leave You Scratching Your Head


HILARIOUS photos have emerged of disastrous tattoos riddled with spelling errors and grammar gaffes — and they’re pretty awful.

Some stylish tattoos can mark important dates or events in a person’s life. And he has just made another pretty bad choice indeed

Others can share memorable words or phrases that sum a person up — but only if they’re spelt correctly.

And as the following set of snaps show, often they’re not.

Whoever thought they were “awesome” will live to regret their large inking actually makes no sense at all.

And remember, “patience” is a virtue — but “patients” are people waiting to see their doctors. This tattoo artist may need to go back to school… Patience certainly is a virtue but patients are something else… This bloke clearly picked himself up after a new low This is such an impressive effort too… Knowledge sure is power The tattoo artist may have to take another shot at this This is completely inexplicable And this woman will have to live with this for the rest of her life This lad may well be awesome – but either his or the tattooist spelling needs a bit of work Surely this is taking the Mickey This one will hurt forever Many people may well carry on smiling at seeing this gaffe It can indeed only get better for this chap Make your family proud And this is a real dishonour Some tattoos are wonderful tributes to loved ones – but this uses the wrong ‘you’re’ And don’t ever stop ignoring the people laughing at your tattoo Perhaps this bloke just wanted to squeeze in his phrase across all finger knuckles Well there’s at least one regret… Well, it is right in a way – kind of… Three massive Carly Rae Jepsen fans there

Some inkings state the obvious and are pretty pessimistic


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