Woman who thought she had food poisoning shocked after baby ‘slipped out’ while she was on the loo


A WOMAN who thought she was suffering from painful food poisoning was stunned when she went to the toilet to see ‘a baby come sliding out’. 

First-time mum Patricia Crawford, from New Jersey, USA, had been up all night feeling sick and with stomach cramps, and put it down to something she’d eaten.

Ms Crawford thought she was suffering from food poisoning before giving birth to her baby boy
News 12

But it wasn’t a case of food poisoning – Ms Crawford had been through a cryptic pregnancy, having no idea she was pregnant until the healthy baby boy appeared.

She told TV station News 12: “By the time I got back to the toilet area all of a sudden the baby came sliding out. It was just like, ‘Oh my God – what are we even going to do?’.”

Neither she nor husband Evan Darragh expected the birth of their son on March 28, exactly one year after Ms Crawford’s father died suddenly.

“We didn’t have a diaper, a wipe, an outfit, a onesie. Nothing,” she added.

Ms Crawford had been through a cryptic pregnancy, having had no idea she was pregnant
They named the baby William in memory of Ms Crawford’s late father

The mother-of-one didn’t notice any major symptoms of her pregnancy other than occasionally suffering from what felt like an upset stomach.

But the couple had been trying for a baby, and Ms Crawford was stunned their son, named William James, arrived exactly a year to the day of her dad’s death on March 28.

She also noted the baby boy arrived at around 5am, the time her father would wake up ever day to go to work – something she believes is no coincidence.

Ms Crawford said: “I think my sister said it best. She [said] it was like my dad came from heaven and said, ‘You will no longer be sad on March 28 ever again’. And it’s the best thing in the world.”

The baby arrived one year to the day since her father’s death

The couple are now settling in to life as parents, with the help of family and friends who  have sent them all the supplies they need.

“He’s absolutely perfect”, Ms Crawford said of her son. “I was just getting through day by day, just keeping myself busy. After such a year, this being the end of it is indescribable. It’s wild.”

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