Woman Describes The Moment She Realised She Had Been Calling Her Neighbour The Wrong Name For 14 Years


THIS is the cringeworthy moment a woman reveals she has been mistakenly calling her neighbour the wrong name for 14 years.

Stephanie Aird filmed herself making the embarrassing admission — saying: “I was gobsmacked when I found out.”

Stephanie Aird revealed the cringe-worthy moment she realised she had been getting her neighbour’s name wrong for years

She believed she had been living next door to neighbour Maevis in Hartlepool, Co Durham.

They would often chat over the garden fence and even sent Christmas cards to each other.

But it was only after Maevis’ husband George died last month that stunned Stephanie realised her neigbour was not called Maevis — but was instead named Sylvia.

Online comedian Stephanie, who posts clips on YouTube, said: ““I didn’t realise until last week another neighbour told me.

Stephanie posted the clip on social media telling how she thought neighbour Sylvia was called Maevis

Stephanie laughs with embarrassment as she tells her cringing tale “I haven’t told her that I’ve realised I’ve been calling her the wrong name.“I was gobsmacked when I found out.”

Stephanie uploaded it with the caption: “Here is why you should remember your neighbour’s name. Mortified.”

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