Wildfires spread across moorland on hottest day of the year


Firefighters have been battling a large wildfire in West Yorkshire as temperatures soared on the hottest day of the year so far. 

Witnesses described the blaze whipped up on Ilkley Moor as “like something from a movie” as flames spread rapidly across 50 acres of moorland yesterday. 

Firefighters were called there just after midday as Britain baked in temperatures of up to 25C. 

Last night, firefighters remained at the scene as they attempted to get the inferno under control. 

Dramatic photographs showed a line of flames stretching across the moor with plumes of smoke rising in the air. 

Martyn Hughes, watch manager at North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, tweeted live updates.

“The intense heat, steep slopes and rough terrain are causing the fire to spread rapidly whilst we try to get near the flames,” he posted. 

The fire was still burning at 11pm last night. “Despite frantic efforts by all involved it looks like the moor will continue to burn long in to the sunset,” said Mr Hughes.

Witnesses described the fire with alarm on social media. One woman posted to Twitter: “Popped to Ilkley and it’s honestly like something from a movie.”

Another added: “This is a travesty, if only we still had April showers.” 


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