Widower, 33, Who Found Love Six Months After His Childhood Sweetheart Died Of Cancer Says She Would Be Happy For Him


A WIDOWER who found love six months after his childhood sweetheart died from cancer says she’d be happy for him.

Jake Coates’ wife Emmy died in June 2017 from thyroid cancer – and he is now in a relationship with another woman, Jenna Selby, which his says his late wife would have approved of.

Instagram Jake Coates posted about going on a trip to Iceland with his new partner Jenna

He told The Mirror: “Emmy wanted me to be happy. She wanted me to meet someone, she told me that.”

Jake also said he felt let down by Emmy’s family following her death.

“I will never personally say anything against Emmy’s family but I did feel let down,” he said.

“I think if I had come out and said I had a girlfriend then, now or even a year from now, it would have been a hard pill for some people to swallow.’”

Facebook / Ejtandemonium Jake Coates lost his wife Emmy last year after a battle with cancer

After Emmy’s death Jake said he would run 10 marathons to raise money in her name – the Iceland trip is to train for the challenge.

He received supportive comments from followers, and some negative responses, after he posted: “Who’s a lucky boy then?!

“Escaping again – this time for a few days of R&R and a little bit of marathon training to the end of the world with this gorgeous little ragamuffin!”

Emmy’s sister, Sophie, commented on the post saying the relationship had been “flaunted so publicly and insensitively”.

Instagram Jenna also posted on Instagram about the trip the pair were taking to Iceland

But others were encouraging of Jake’s new relationship, leading him to add: “Thank you everyone for your lovely positive words – it really means so much.

“The odd negative comments that have been written (by people that don’t know me or have any understanding of my life or what I have been through) have been deleted because I don’t have any space in my life for negativity.”

He had previously revealed hopes to become a dad using his tragic wife’s frozen embryos but announced he’s put his family dreams on hold indefinitely.

The pair had enlisted the help of a surrogate to give them a child before Emmy passed away in June 2017.

JustGiving Emmy was diagnosed with terminal cancer just 18 months before she passed away

Facebook / Ejtandemonium After breaking it off while they were at uni, the couple rekindled their romance ten years later

However, The Mirror reported that  Jake decided to put their baby plans on hold after two failed IVF attempts.

He said in January: “After two failed attempts and more consideration than any of you could ever imagine, I have decided to step back from the surrogacy journey and delay it indefinitely

“[Our surrogate] Liz has been the most selfless, kind, thoughtful and gorgeous person throughout this whole process.

“She has had to endure physical as well as emotional turmoil over the last 18 months because of our choices – more than she ever deserved or asked for, and I know she would do it all over again 1,000 times and more.

“I cannot thank her enough for all that she has done and continues to do for me and all of Emmy’s family and friends.

“But more than that, I cannot thank her enough for what she gave Emmy…for she gave Emmy and I hope.

Facebook / Ejtandemonium Doctors at The Marsden told the couple Emmy’s cancer could have been cured had they caught it earlier

“[She] allowed us to dream about a future Coates baby…and it filled us both with so much positivity and kept us both going when the days were darkest.

“Thank you Liz. You are actually an angel.”

Liz Begg, a former school friend of primary school teacher Emmy, volunteered to help the couple achieve their dream.

Before she passed away, doctors harvested Emmy’s eggs and Jake’s sperm to create nine embryos.

Liz was implanted with one of the embryos for a second time in November, but sadly it was unsuccessful.

Emmy died believing that Jake would soon become a dad after one of their embryos was successfully implanted in Liz.

Facebook / Ejtandemonium On June 16, after a battle with thyroid cancer, Emmy passed away surrounded by her family, Jake as ever at her side

Three weeks later it was confirmed that Liz was pregnant – but on the same day Emmy passed away in her sleep.

Jake added: “I will always believe that Emmy has that first baby up with her in heaven.

The heartbroken groom previously explained how he found the loss of his first baby comforting.

He said: “I think it gave Liz and I comfort [when we discovered the pregnancy was ectopic] that this first little foetus or baby had gone with Emmy and she could bring it up in heaven, if there is a place.

“I still talk to Emmy every day.

“I like to think she’s somewhere, looking down and checking in and listening. And that’s why I want to do her so proud.”

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