Widow reveals she was fat shamed at her husband’s funeral by guests who said she ‘should have lost weight’ for the occasion


A WIDOW has revealed she was fat-shamed at her husband’s funeral by cruel guests who said she should have “lost weight” before criticising her outfit choice.

In a personal essay for Love What Matters, the widow recalled how her husband died in a tragic motorcycle accident earlier this year which left him with severe brain injuries.

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The widow claims a guest at her husband’s funeral made a fat-shaming comment as the coffin was being lowered into the grave[/caption]

Devastated by the loss, the woman – known online as Toni Z – says the “silence in my house” was unbearable and comforted herself by looking at old photos of her partner in the days that followed.

When the funeral came around a few weeks later, the widow naturally wore a black dress which is standard protocol for both the family and guests paying their respects.

She said: “There were many people there. Some I knew well, others I didn’t know at all.”

However as her husband’s coffin was being lowered into the grave, Toni overheard a guest she didn’t know very well make a snide comment.

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The guest said Toni should have lost weight ahead of the funeral and ‘worn a cuter dress’[/caption]

“They’re putting her husband in the ground. You’d think she would’ve lost a few more pounds and worn a cuter dress,” the widow claims she overhead them say.

Understandably, Toni was affected by the remarks – especially as her husband’s funeral “should have been a safe zone”.

Although the widow admits that she’s gained over two stone since losing her husband, she said: “Grief hits you in ways you can’t understand unless you’ve experienced it. And I can assure you that the last thing on your radar will be your weight.”

I’ve gained 35 pounds since my husband’s passing. And I love all 247 pounds of me.

Toni Z

Luckily, Toni’s sister – who also overheard the guest’s fat-shaming comments – turned to her and said: “Okay. New plan. Bury her instead and then we go eat 20 burgers.”

After the wake had ended, the sisters drove to a nearby In-N-Out burger chain where the widow says she “ate 5 burgers” in her fat-shamer’s name.

Rounding up her defiant essay, Toni said: “I’ve gained 35 pounds since my husband’s passing. And I love all 247 pounds [17.5 stone] of me. It’s a shame you don’t.”

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