Why the WWE Universe is wrong to boo Raw women’s champion Ronda Rousey


WWE superstar Ronda Rousey has been subject to boos in recent weeks on Monday Night Raw.

Two weeks ago the former UFC champ stuttered during her promo as she was jeered by the Phoenix audience who were in favour of this year’s Royal Rumble winner Becky Lynch.

Ronda captured the Raw women’s title after defeating Alexa Bliss at Summerslam last year

Since the 32-year-old’s sensational debut at last year’s Wrestlemania she has run through every top superstar in the Raw’s women’s division and has captured the title in the process.

But despite her incredible run, the fans seem to be turning on Ronda as she heads towards defending her Raw women’s championship in a mouthwatering tussle against Lynch at Wrestlemania.

Rousey has arguably had the best rookie year ever seen in WWE and adds some legitimacy to the division that has rarely been seen in the past.

Therefore, the WWE crowd deciding to turn on Rousey are wrong and here are some reasons why.

Ronda Rousey destroys Liv Morgan on this week’s episode of Raw

Since her first match in the company last April, Ronda Rousey has consistently had great matches on both Raw and pay-per-view events.

Her intensity, physicality and technical prowess have formed to create a unique and innovative moveset that matches up well with her contemporaries.

Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair and Nia Jax are just a few of those who have had incredible matches with Rousey in the last year.

The chief brand officer of the WWE Stephanie McMahon told SunSport she has taken to the sport quicker than everyone else and that is a testament to her work ethic and passion for the business.

Ronda Rousey says she is living out a childhood dream by competing in the WWE

Much like the current Universal champion and former UFC champ in his own right Brock Lesnar, each time Rousey steps into the ring it is must-see and every fight she is involved in feels important.

Unlike Lesnar however, Ronda is a full-time member of the WWE roster.  Large parts of the audience expected Ronda to work a similar part-time schedule to the former WWE champion.

But the life-long WWE fan did sign a contract to be a full-time pro wrestler and she has carried out that commitment, appearing on Raw every week as well as defending her championship regularly.

That’s all WWE fans should want from their superstars and she is doing it at an extremely high level.

Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch was supposed to take place at Survivor series last November but Lynch was ruled out with a facial injury caused by Nia Jax

There is one person responsible for some of the boos Rousey is now receiving on Raw.  That person is Becky Lynch.

‘The Man’ is currently on the best run of her career, capturing the hearts and minds of wrestling fans everywhere with her new attitude that hasn’t often been seen from women in the WWE.

Her rebellion against the authority by simply saying and doing as she pleases is symbolic of the great Stone Cold Steve Austin, but the ‘Irish Lass Kicker’ has made the gimmick her own.

The fans now see Rousey as the last obstacle Becky needs to overcome and that current champ is occupying the spot they so desperately want her to be in.  Anyone think this is a similar situation to Roman Reigns and fan favourite Daniel Bryan back in 2015? Certainly feels that way.

Ronda Rousey won her debut match at last year’s Wrestlemania by making Stephanie McMahon tap out

The addition of Ronda to the women’s division has brought more eyes to the product and rumours state her match with Becky could main event Wrestlemania and become the first women’s match to close wrestling’s biggest show.

Her appearance also helped sell out the first ever all-women’s pay per view Evolution, where she defeated Nikki Bella to retain her title.

There were more rumours which indicated that Rousey could leave after Wrestlemania 35, but should she stay and lose her title to Becky Lynch on April 7, what would be next for the combat athlete?

However, regardless of her position in the company after ‘Mania, Ronda has given so much to WWE in such a short time which fans should respect and appreciate.



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