Who Wants To Be A Millionaire contestant loses £1m after epic Queen Elizabeth II blunder


    Who Wants To Be A Millionaire returned on Tuesday evening, with host Jeremy Clarkson, 60, asking a whole array of questions to help some lucky contestants win huge cash prizes. First up was Davyth Fear from Carmarthen, who seemed confident with his approach to general knowledge as he rallied through the rounds with no hesitation. It seemed he was going to walk away from the ITV quiz show with the grand total as he surpassed the half a million checkpoint. However, he didn’t manage to walk away with the £1 million jackpot as a question about Queen Elizabeth II left with flummoxed.

    The question host Jeremy asked the contestant was: “Which actress was born in the same year as the Queen?”

    Possible answers included Audrey Hepburn, Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe and Julie Andrews, but Davyth had no idea which one to chose.

    Throughout the game, the player had used very few of his lifelines but was forced to phone a friend for their knowledge on Her Majesty.

    They weren’t too sure either and instead of risking the half a million he had in the bank, the Welsh man decided to walk away with his winnings.

    Eliminating down the choices himself, the contestant revealed he would have chosen the first option as his answer if he had progressed.

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    Before revealing whether the contestant would have lost his winnings or not, Jeremy said he’d “wished” Davyth would’ve played on to secure a historic £1 million win.

    After accepting the player’s choice to walk away with the cash he had accumulated, the host then explained he would’ve lost £436,000 as the Welsh man had set his savings at £32,000 earlier in the game.

    This was because the answer was indeed Marilyn Monroe and not Audrey Hepburn as the contestant had led himself to believe.

    Taking to social media, those watching along at home were full of praise for the contestant for winning half a million pounds.

    Tuesday evening’s episode was a repeat as ITV continues to delve into the archives to keep viewers entertained during the coronavirus crisis.

    The episode featuring Davyth actually aired last September, which didn’t go unnoticed by fans on social media.

    Production was going to restart earlier this year on new episodes, but plans were put on hold as a result of the global health emergency.

    Though, it’s been reported filming for the hit quiz series is likely to restart this month with some new procedures in play.

    According to The Sun and in adherence to social distancing guidelines, it is likely production will resume without a live studio audience.

    However, this would mean the lifeline of asking the audience for help would be scraped if reports are to be believed.

    Subsequently, contestants would still be able to go to Jeremy for some advice after the ask the host option was added when he took over presenting duties back in 2018.

    It’s not been confirmed when the new episodes will air, so viewers will be able to enjoy repeats for some time yet.

    Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is available to watch on ITVHub.


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