Who Plays Max Branning In Eastenders, When Did He Marry Rainie Cross And Why Did He Return To Albert Square?


MAX Branning is one of the shadiest characters in EastEnders history.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Walford resident, what his latest dodgy dealings involve and who is latest wife is…

Getty Images – Getty Jake Wood has been playing Max Branning since 2006

Who is Max Branning?

Max Branning first appeared in EastEnders in June 2006.

He is the ex-husband of Tanya Branning and father to daughters Lauren and Abi and son Oscar.

In 2015 he was falsely sent to prison for the murder of Lucy Beale and returned to the screen in early 2016.

After his first return, he’d been vowing revenge on those who set him up – “destroying” Albert Square as a result.

This included bringing tearaway Charlie Cotton back to Walford, taking over all the local businesses and trying to kill Jane Beale before forcing her to leave the square.

When did Max Branning return to EastEnders?

Max Branning returned to the show on April 24, 2018.

He was last seen on screen in February when he attended his daughter Abi’s funeral.

It has been assumed that Max has been away recuperating after the death of his daughter.

Jake said of his character’s return: “He has a big story coming up this year which I’m very excited about as I think it’s something different. Watch this space.”

Upon his return, viewers saw Max marrying a mystery bride.

It was revealed an episode later that the mystery woman was none other than Tanya’s sister, Rainie.

Despite being a serial womaniser, Max is in fact trying to gain custody of his late daughter’s baby, who is also called Abi.

The pair believe that by portraying a happily married couple they will get the tot back.

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Who plays him?

Max Branning is played by Jake Wood.

He was born in Westminster, London, on July 12, 1972.

The actor trained in his art at the Anna Scher Drama School in Islington, London.

He married wife Allison Murray in 2001, and together they have two children – son, Buster, and daughter, Amber.

Jake’s first role on TV was the series The Gentle Touch in 1984.

He later appeared in two episodes of London’s Burning, and had a small part in the Only Fools and Horse special The Jolly Boys’ Outing as a trainee at Rodney Trotter’s father-in-law’s firm.

Bit parts followed in programmes including Inspector Morse, One Foot In The Grave, Minder and Press Gang, as well as three different characters in Casualty in 1991, 1994 and 1996.

He also played the eldest son, Dougie, in the sitcom The Wilsons.

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