Who is Shipwrecked’s Beth, what is her job and why is she known as the Chicken Stripper?


BETH is already making waves on Shipwrecked thanks to her outrageous behaviour.

But what is her job? And why is she known as the Chicken Stripper? We take a look at the reality star’s journey.

Beth is a Shipwrecked 2019 contestant

Who is Shipwrecked’s Beth? What is her job?

Beth Spiby is a 22-year-old web cam star from Manchester.

Speaking about her job she said: “I have my own explicit website where people pay me to view my content.

“Lots of boobs, lots of toys, and it’s the best job I could ever ask for.

“Boys drool over me but I’m a lesbian.”

Beth is known for doing a lingerie shoot for lads mag Zoo before it closed its doors and worked as a rep in Magaluf, as well as a retail assistant in M&S.

Bethany Spibly
Beth is known for her explicit website

Why is Beth known as the Chicken Stripper?

Before going on Shipwrecked Beth flogged topless photos after appearing in a BBC documentary on KFC.

The ex-waitress was daubed the chicken stripper back in 2016 because of this.

Beth ditched her job after gaining fans on social media, following her appearance on Billion Dollar Chicken Shop back in 2015.

Aged 20, she joined softcore porn website Only Fans where she posted X-rated pictures and videos and sold them on for a tenner.

Emma was left mortified when Beth preformed a lapdance on her and licked her feet

What has happened to Beth so far on Shipwrecked?

As soon as Beth arrived on Shipwrecked she shocked both viewers and her fellow islanders with her raunchy antics.

On her first night on the show she simulated a sex act on herself.

Then the next night she gave a mortified Emma a lapdance and licked her dirty toes.

When is Shipwrecked on E4?

Shipwrecked returned to E4 on Monday, January 28, 2019, at 9pm.

The series is airing weeknights for three weeks – with the finale on Friday, February 15.

Capital Radio DJ and Strictly star Vick Hope provides the voiceover for the show











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