Who is Scarlett Lee’s fiancé? X Factor 2018 RUNNER-UP was proposed to in a graveyard


SCARLETT Lee made a singing comeback on The X Factor 2018, having first auditioned in 2017.

Here’s everything you need to know about the star who’s now engaged to her boyfriend Nathan…

Scarlett Lee was cruelly trolled by viewers for being ‘too orange’ in 2017
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Who is Scarlett Lee?

Scarlett Lee is a 21-year-old make-up artist from Epsom, Surrey.

The aspiring singer made it through the first round of auditions on The X Factor 2017 but raised eyebrows with her effort.

During her audition, the singer appeared to have applied a deep tone fake tan, which she had accentuated with bright orange eye shadow, highlighter, and a deep purple lip liner.

Scarlett was controversially axed by Sharon Osbourne at the six chair challenge but sailed through the auditions this time around after charming the new panel.

She was the last to perform during The X Factor’s Six Chair Challenge in 2018 and Simon said he wanted to give her a seat, leading to a sing-off.

Scarlett went on to land a place in the final of the show alongside Dalton Harris and Anthony Russell.


Who is Scarlett Lee’s fiancé?

Scarlett Lee got engaged to her boyfriend Nathan Shaw in January 2019 after he proposed to her at the site of her grandparents’ grave.

The singer shared a video of the proposal on social media writing, “There’s no other place I would rather of done this, my granny and grandad are my whole world.”

She added: “For what God Has Joined Together Let No One Separate!

Scarlett and Nathan have been dating for four years.


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The 21-year-old make-up artist revealed she wasn’t wearing any fake tan, it was just the studio that made her look dark
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When did Scarlett Lee’s family caravan burn down?

On October 29, 2018, Scarlett Lee’s brother Benjamin, his wife Sharon and their four young children were lucky to be alive after their home burned to the ground. 

Scarlett was in her neighbouring caravan when the fire took hold at around 7.30pm near Epsom, Surrey.

The singer’s brother was treated for smoke inhalation in hospital.

A source said: “Scarlett has been terribly upset. It’s come as a real shock to both her and her family.

“It’s beyond devastating for everyone. They’re all so thankful that no one was seriously hurt but Scarlett’s brother Ben was taken to hospital after breathing in smoke.

“Scarlett’s taken time away from rehearsals this week to be with him and the rest of her loved ones who, according to fire crew, are all lucky to be alive.”

Scarlett was overcome with emotion during her audition in 2017
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How did Scarlett Lee react to comments about her fake tan?

The 21-year-old make-up artist exclusively told Sun Online: “I never had tan on. I am genuinely dark, but the cameras made me look so much darker than what I actually was.”

She continued: “I went and bought make-up and foundation for the TV and it just went horribly wrong. It made me look even darker.”

One viewer tweeted: “Yikes! That’s so much orange make up. Hiding her lovely face.”

Another added: “Give her some exfoliator to get a couple layers of tan off and she would be so good.”

Scarlett revealed she had found the response amusing as she said: “The response has made me laugh, it’s so funny.

“I’ve just been saying, ‘orange is my favourite colour’ and ‘I love oranges’… I’d rather people pick on me as a person than be nasty about everything else.”

She added: “You can’t go on to The X Factor and think you’re perfect and think everything will go right.”



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