Who is Olivia Colman’s husband Ed Sinclair and what did she say about him in her Oscars acceptance speech?


OLIVIA Colman has become one of Britain’s most successful actors – with starring roles in everything from Peep Show to blockbuster series The Crown.

While her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in the Netflix series sees her married to Prince Philip, we take a look at the man who is wed to Olivia in the real world.

Ed Sinclair is married to Olivia Colman
Ed Sinclair is married to Olivia Colman
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What did she say about him in her Oscars acceptance speech?

Olivia gushed over her husband in her Oscars acceptance speech.

She ended her long list of thanks to Ed, visibly emotional she turned to him and said – “My husband Ed, my best friend, I love you so much.”

During her speech Olivia – who starred in the period drama alongside Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz – thanked her co-stars: “It’s genuinely quite stressful. This is hilarious. I’ve got an Oscar. I have to thank lots of people. If I forget you I’m going to find you later and give you a massive snog.

“Emma [Stone] and Rachel [Weisz] are the two loveliest girls in the world to fall in love with.

“Glenn Close you’ve been my idol for so long. This isn’t how I wanted it to be.

“My kids are watching at home. I hope they are – this isn’t going to happen again.”

She closed up her charming speech with: “My husband Ed, my best friend, I love you so much.”25

Olivia later joked to the press that she would be sleeping with her Best Actress Oscar in between her and Ed and that “he doesn’t know yet, but he won’t mind.”

Who is Olivia Colman’s husband Ed Sinclair?

Ed Sinclair is an actor and writer.

He studied at Cambridge University, which is where he met Olivia Colman.

He originally studied law, but decided he preferred writing.

The couple met during a production of Alan Ayckbourn’s Table Manners at Footlights.

When did he marry the Peep Show actress?

Olivia Colman has spoken about how it was love at first sight with Ed.

She has said when she saw him, she thought: “There’s the bloke I’m going to marry.”

The actress has also said: “My husband and I were very lucky.

“We met when we had nothing and we loved each other then. So we were all right.

“We were 20 and he was also an actor. If you meet at that age then you are fine.

“For me, it was thunderbolts straight away. I still feel like I’m punching above my weight.”

The couple married in 2001.

Olivia plays the Queen in Netflix series The Crown
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How many children do the couple have?

Olivia and Ed have three children together.

They have two sons, Finn and Hall, and a daughter.

Their daughter was born in August 2015, but they never released her name.




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