Who is Coronation Street’s new super villain? Carla Connor, Nick Tilsley, Gary Windass and other fan theories about the fatal factory collapse


CORONATION Street is getting a brand new super villain to terrorise the cobbles.

Soap boss Iain Macleod revealed the new super villain would cause the factory collapse and cause the death of a beloved character, but who it is is a closely guarded secret. But who are the front runners?

Nick Tilsley


Nick is the prime suspect for the new super villain[/caption]

The Prime Suspect himself.

Ever since he returned from his self-imposed break in Nottingham, Nick’s been a changed man. No longer is his brain injury being blamed for his ruthless, criminal and scheming behaviour – he’s just being evil all on himself.

His dodgy business dealings, scheming against his ex-wife and buying half the factory from under Carla Connor

Carla Connor


Carla is undoubtedly capable of anything.

She resurrects businesses and creates pots of cash out of nothing more than strips of fabric masquerading as knickers.

She’s lost a kidney but still drinks like an entire army so the idea of her turning her hand to evil and not being successful is a fool’s errand.

Although The Sun Online revealed yesterday how Carla will take drastic action after realising she is responsible for the roof collapse after not having it repaired.

Does this rule her out as being the new super villain? Or does it make her more likely to become the evil queen of the cobbles we all need in our lives?

Peter Barlow


Peter behaved perfectly reasonably with Billy[/caption]

Cast your minds back to the Christmas before last when mild-mannered recovering alcoholic kidnapped vicar Billy Mayhew, shoved him in his boot and drove him to a cliff edge to murder him.

Unfortunately for Peter, Billy managed to survive the cliff fall, totally inexplicably, and so he was saved the mantle of soap murderer.

But he has a vicious darkside that can spring out at any moment.

Jenny Bradley

Jenny Connor Corrie
Jenny Bradley has proven herself to be quite the villain already

Let’s face it Jenny’s not been the most stable of individuals on the cobbles.

She’s kidnapped Jack Webster, run over Liz McDonald and done unspeakable things with the Rovers stock, so her being the new super villain wouldn’t be out of the blue.

And she’s Alan Bradley’s daughter so there’s always going to be something dark battling to get out and read its evil head.

Adam Barlow

Adam will return soon potentially with a vast criminal empire at his feet

When Adam returned to the cobbles almost three years ago, he was intent on getting his dad’s business back.

He schemed against the Connors to get what was cheated from him in the form of Underworld, and soap bosses made it clear they were thinking of him as Mike Baldwin part two.

As of late he has softened, but the same steely determination to win against everyone runs through him and now he’s abroad running up all manner of schemes putting him in place to be a secret new villain.

Plus there was that whole getting vicar Billy addicted to painkillers and drugs leading to him shooting up heroin in church.

Dr Ali Neeson


The good doctor has already murdered once, and a proper murder at that, none of this accidental killing nonsense.

He ripped out a pole from drug dealer Ronan’s chest so quickly you’d think he was an expert scaffolder, so his dark side has been well and truly embraced.

Ali’s been MIA from the cobbles since last year but he’s soon to return, just in time for the factory collapse.

Coincidence? As Jessica Fletcher says: “There’s no such thing as coincidence.”

Sally Webster

Sally Metcalfe gets dragged after the conman's allegations
Prison hardened Sally so she’s much stronger than before

Prison has hardened our Sal, so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that she could go full villain.

Angry at the Street for turning their backs on her when she was unjustly sent to prison after being set up for fraud, it could have flicked a switch in Sally’s brain.

Admittedly destroying a factory and killing someone is a bit of an overreaction but if we’ve learned anything about the former Mayoress of Weatherfield it’s that she’s capable of anything.

Gary Windass

Gary’s being drawn into a life of crime already

Intriguing developments in spoiler land have led fans to think Gary could be the new villain.

The former soldier and current builder will soon be wrapped up in the factory drama when Carla asks him to look at doing some work in there for her.

And filming pictures have revealed he will soon be wrapped up in gangster and loan shark Rick Neelan’s business, putting a new spin on the former good guy’s behaviour.

David Platt


David’s more than capable of killing – after all he learned from Richard Hillman[/caption]

If anyone thought time or his own experiences of trauma have changed David Platt, then they were wrong.

It took him all of 20 minutes to agree to keep his brother Nick stealing from their grandmother Audrey and to turn it to his own advantage by forcing him to invest the cash in his own barber shop.

And with his history of trying to blow up court houses, terrorising his own mother and making his entire family’s lives hell for the majority of his life, it’s not that much of a stretch to see David go full villain.

Tracy Barlow

Coronation Street
Tracy is a perfectly reasonable human who doesn’t routinely attack people twice her side – and win

The reigning queen of murder on the cobbles, Tracy is already a force to be reckoned with.

She coldly and calculatingly plotted and executed a plan to murder her boyfriend Charlie Stubbs, before being caught and sent to prison.

Over the years she has tried to kill a few more times, and accidentally succeeded once or twice, so she could very well be the new super villain, especially with her daughter Amy being pregnant by thug Tyler.


But on the other hand, with the way Tracy’s been lately, she may prove Weatherfield’s only hope against the new super villain.

Especially if she finds herself in a pleather skirt with a blunt object near them.

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