Where is Storm Erik, has it hit the UK and how long will it last?


STORM Erik has hit Britain and has already claimed the life of a driver whose car was hit by 70 mph winds.

Here’s what you need to know about the bad weather and how long it is likely to last.

Gale force winds bring huge waves to batter the sea defences at Aberystwyth, west Wales
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Where is Storm Erik, has it hit the UK and how long will it last?

Storm Erik brought strong winds to parts of the country on Friday and will be followed by rain and more unsettled weather, according to the Met Office.

“On Friday we’ve got a named storm passing through the north of the country,” said forecaster Nicola Maxey.

“We’re looking at winds of 50 to 60mph in Northern Ireland and the west of Scotland.

“But Erik could bring the possibility of 70mph gusts along more exposed coasts.

“Even away from the strongest gusts we could still have gale-force winds.”

The Met Office has issued two weather warnings for Friday for strong winds across Northern Ireland and western Scotland until the evening, and for heavy rain in Scotland until Saturday afternoon.

Saturday will see a mix of sunny spells and blustery showers, with the most persistent rain in the north of the country and the possible risk of hail and thunder in the west.

There will be frost and the chance of some snow in the north of the country towards the end of the weekend when falling rain meets cold air.

“There is the chance of patchy rain and this could be heavy in places,” said Ms Maxey.

“Because of the cold air, this could fall as snow on higher ground in Scotland and England on Sunday.

“We’re expecting a widespread frost on Sunday night and into Monday, and the unsettled weather will continue into the start of next week.”

Waves crash against the seawall during Storm Erik as a train passes through Dawlish, in Devon

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