When will the EU meet over the Brexit deal and what could be the outcomes?


EU CHIEFS told Theresa May the controversial Irish backstop would not be renegotiated when the Prime Minister flew to Brussels for talks.

Jean-Claude Juncker told May that the group of 27 countries would not reopen the withdrawal agreement.

The European council president has said there will be ‘a special place in hell’ for politicians who promoted Brexit without any plan for how to deliver it
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When did the EU initially meet over the deal?

The Emergency EU summit was called for November 25.

Mrs May’s government has had their eye on a November date for quite some time.

For an agreement to be reached at the summit, the withdrawal treaty text needs to be backed at by a supermajority of leaders of member states (representing at least 20 of the other 27 EU countries and 65 per cent of the population).

This all happens ahead of the vote in the House of Commons.

Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator
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December – House of Commons vote

Once the summit has backed the treaty, the deal will be put to the House of Commons for “a meaningful vote”.

It will be the moment of truth for Brexit.

It is widely expected that MPs will vote down the deal.

The government are at loggerheads with Labour over the scope for amendments to the vote.

January-February 2019 – Deal passed into UK law

If the House of Commons approves the Brexit deal, the government will put forward a new piece of legislation: the EU Bill.

This will pass into law some of Brexit’s biggest issues such as citizen’s rights, the £39bn divorce bill and details on the transition.

The Prime Minister travelled to Brussels in an attempt to deal with the Irish backstop issue but chiefs in Brussels were clear there would be no new negotiations.

Donald Tusk, the EU Council President said after his meeting with May there was “still no breakthrough in sight” but added that talks would continue.

Tusk also incurred May’s anger after he tweeted a message that said there was “a special place in hell” for Leave campaign bosses who had not planned.

Up to March 29, 2019 – EU agreement

Before the deal can take effect, it must also be approved by the European Parliament.

Anything legally questionable could be starred up to the European Court of Justice by MEPs.

March 29, 2019 – Brexit Day

The day has finally arrived – and will probably be greeted with plenty of political declarations.

Whether there will be any noticeable changes to everyday life at the moment of the UK’s departure depends on the negotiations of the preceding months.


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