When Is The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco On Itv, Who’s In The Cast And What’s The Show About?


THE spin-off to The Bletchley Circle has crossed the pond to San Francisco and features a stellar new cast.

Here’s what you need to know about the popular ITV drama series, when it’s being aired and who’s in the cast…

ITV The popular series The Bletchley Circle is back with a spin-off set in San Francisco

When does The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco start on ITV?

The Bletchley Circle spin-off  first hit your screens on Wednesday July 25.

It continues tonight, August 8 and will be aired at 9pm on ITV.

There will be four stories which unfold over two episodes.

The spin-off will be produced by Omnifilm Entertainment in association with BritBox as well as World Productions, the producer of the original show.

The Bletchley Circle will be competing against BBC Two’s Picnic at Hanging Rock which is also showing at 9pm on the same night.

Who’s in The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco cast with Rachael Stirling?

Handout Rachael Stirling reprises her role of Millie Harcourt for the spin-off

The spin-off series features an all-star cast of some of the hottest actresses around.

Joining Rachael Stirling, who reprises her role of Millie Harcourt, are:

Julie Graham playing Jean McBride Crystal Balint playing Iris Bearden Chanelle Peloso playing Hailey Yarner Jennifer Spence playing Olivia Mori Peter Benson playing Archie Hunter

What’s The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco about?

The San Francisco spin-off of the original series sees the characters three years later in 1956.

Jean and Millie leave London for San Francisco to investigate the murder of a good friend of theirs.

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