When Is Manhunt On Itv, Who’s In The Cast With Martin Clunes And What’s The Series About?


MARTIN Clunes is returning to TV with new series Manhunt.

But when is it on? And what is it about? Here’s what we know so far…

Flynet Pictures Manhunt is a new ITV series starring Martin Clunes

When is Manhunt on ITV?

ITV haven’t released an on-air date yet.

Filming took place in March 2018.

The series is likely to be out in autumn this year.

Who is in the cast of Manhunt?

The cast has been named so far includes:

Martin Clunes as Colin Sutton Celyn Jones as Levi Bellfield Kiera Bell as Amélie Delagrange Hannah Banks as  Marsha McDonnell Michèle Belgrand as Dominique Delagrange

Reuters Manhunt focuses on the murder of French student Amelie Delagrange

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