When is Glastonbury 2020 and how can I get tickets?


GLASTONBURY 2019 isn’t even over yet, and already fans are waiting to snap up tickets for next year’s festival.

There is even more excitement as 2020 will be the big event’s 50th anniversary – here’s what we know so.

Glastonbury Festival will return in 2020
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When is Glastonbury 2020?

The exact date the festival will kick off is yet to be released.

However we do know it always ties in with the summer solstice, which in 2020 is June 20.

With this in mind the festival is likely to run from June 26 to June 28, 2020.

The event will be in its 50th in 2020
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How do I register for a ticket for Glastonbury 2020?

To get tickets for 2020, you’ll have to register on the official Glastonbury site, which’ll require you to upload a passport-style photo and type in some details about yourself.

If you don’t do this, then you won’t be in with a chance of getting tickets for the festival.

The official festival website states: “No other site or agency will be allocated tickets,” so this is the ONLY way to be in with a chance of going to the famous festival.

Festival-goers are eager to get their hands on a ticket
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When do tickets for Glastonbury 2020 go on sale?

An exact date for when tickets go on sale is yet to be released.

The 2019 tickets went on sale in October 2018.

There was then a re-sale in April 2019 – so there are two bites of the apple.

Organisers are likely to announce the date when the 2019 Glastonbury Festival is over.

The festival attracts music fans from all around the world
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Who will be playing at Glastonbury 2020?

The line-up every year is always kept hush hush until a few weeks before the festival.

However, we do know a few acts that are strongly tipped to play.

In June 2019, the legendary Fleetwood Mac hinted that they would play at the 2020 event.

During their gig at Wembley Mick Fleetwood said that he and his bandmates still have “a big field to play”, hinting they could be heading for Glasto in 2020.

The other top musician set to appear is Paul McCartney.

In April 2019, Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis appeared to reveal that he had booked the Beatles star when he told BBC Somerset: “Paul’s on good form at the moment.”

When asked ”coming here?’ he replied: ”Hopefully for the 50th. Don’t make a big thing of it though, will you?”







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