When does Naked Beach start on Channel 4, what is it about and where is it filmed?


NAKED Beach is set to be one of the most controversial reality shows on TV.

We have the lowdown on this new series from Channel 4.

Four British people with low body-confidence will seek advice from people who love their bodies for Channel 4’s new TV experiment
Channel 4

When does Naked Beach start on Channel 4?

Naked Beach kicks off TONIGHT (April 11, 2019) on Channel 4.

It is a one off show, and you can catch it 8pm.

It will be on 4 Catch Up after it’s aired.

Felicity will jet to Greece to learn to love her body
Channel 4

What is Naked Beach about?

The Channel 4 reality show will see four British people with body insecurities jet to a sunny island to spend time with body-confident naked people, covered only with paint.

The nervous participants will only have four days before they are asked to strip naked on the beach.

Behind-the-scenes shots show the contestants covered in different body paints from floral patterns to animal prints.

It’s billed as the perfect antidote to Love Island – with lean, bronzed bodies replaced by real-life lumps and bumps.

The TV experiment is aimed at boosting people’s self esteem.

The programme was ­co-devised by psychologist Dr Keon West, of Goldsmiths, University of London, who says ­spending time with nude people of all shapes and sizes helps boost your body ­image and happiness.

Mental health campaigner Natasha Devon also oversees the show.

Mancunian Jason – known as Jsky – also takes part in the experiment
Channel 4

Where was Naked Beach filmed?

The show is filmed in Greece.

Th exact location hasn’t been revealed yet, but no doubt will be brought up on the show.

From the pictures, it looks like the show was filmed on a Greek Island.





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