What to wear at Royal Ascot? Sun Racing ambassador Megan Nicholls talks through her favourite outfits


Sun Racing ambassador and jockey fashionista Megan Nicholls is on hand to talk you through five of her best outfits for Royal Ascot.

The star rider will be sporting everything from Reiss to Ted Baker as she looks forward to strutting her stuff on the biggest stage of all.

Stewart Williams – The Sun

Karen Millen dress: This is a really bright, fun dress perfect for beautiful weather – though we’re yet to see much of that this summer!

It’s very easy to wear, it’s well fitted and is just what you’d expect from the brilliant Karen Millen.

You can do plenty with it in terms of different colours, but I’ve gone for blue and pink as I feel the shades compliment each other well.

Stewart Williams – The Sun

Alice White, who’s designed my hats for ages and is absolutely brilliant, has done another fantastic job with this one.

The ombre on the tuile from pink to blue is a very nice aspect and merges the headpiece together with the dress.

I’ll be wearing court shoes which are always a winner as they’re so easy and comfortable. They really support the outfit and last all day.

Meg's Blue Look

Dress: Blue lace panel pencil dress by Karen Millen – originally £215, reduced in sale to £105

Hat: Pink hat hire from awcollection on Instagram

Shoes: Nine West – £49 in sale at Kert Geiger

Reiss dress: Just like my Karen Millen dress, this Reiss piece is from the end of last season.
It’s slightly different as it’s got long sleeves and is very light to wear – sometimes you see dresses with long sleeves and they look too hot, but this one’s just right.

Stewart Williams – The Sun
Stewart Williams – The Sun
Stewart Williams – The Sun

It’s very comfortable and has a good length so there are probably quite a few things you can do with it.

I’ve gone for a black hat, again by Alice White, which is decorated with coral elements on its dish.

I’ve also got black court shoes which I feel are perfect as you can easily over-accessorise the dress.

The red and green on the bag works nicely with the outfit as a whole.

Meg's Coral Look

Dress: Coral dress by Reiss – originally £249, reduced to £73 in online sale

Hat: Hat by awcollection, available to hire at £45

Shoes: Kert geiger black patent at £215

Handbag: Gucci

Hobbs dress: My third outfit is by Hobbs, and I absolutely love it.

It’s a very simple design but is nicely fitted and if you accessorise it correctly, it can make quite a statement.

Stewart Williams – The Sun
Stewart Williams – The Sun
Stewart Williams – The Sun
Stewart Williams – The Sun

Block colour is definitely the way forward, and with this outfit, less is more.

My hat is from Lizzie Hughes, designed by Aisling Ahern, and its navy detail really brings out the best in the dress.

Again I’m wearing navy court shoes with a navy clutch bag – it’s important to remember you don’t have to be too bold or overpowering for a dress to work.

Meg's White Look

Dress: Ivory and Navy dress by Yvonne Hobbs – originally £179, reduced to £99 in sale

Hat: Hat from Lizzie Hughes by Aisling Ahern

Shoes: Dune London with navy strap at £80

Handbag: Peach

Ted Baker dress: You won’t believe it, but this is a Ted Baker dress!

It’s a bodycon piece and I fell in love with it straight away when I walked into the store.

I think you can do quite a few different things with it regarding accessories, but I’ve decided to go with a general theme of baby blue.

Stewart Williams – The Sun
Stewart Williams – The Sun
Stewart Williams – The Sun

The base of the middle panel, the court shoe and the bag from Michael Kors are all baby blue and I think the colour works well.

Alice White is again responsible for my hat. It’s a simple but really effective design and is decorated with beautiful jewels and pearls, which haven’t been overdone.

This is probably another for nice weather.

Meg's Ted Baker Look

Dress: Ted Baker patchwork bodycon dress – originally £179, on sale at £99

Hat: awcollection to hire from £45

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Handbag: Micheal Kors from Bicester Village Outlet


Kaimilan dress: I didn’t think it would, but the Kaimilan black dress has become my favourite.

It took a bit of bravery as I bought it online from a brand I’ve never used before, but there was something about it that I liked so I took the risk.

It’s so easy to wear and has great length.

Black can be a funny one, as at this time of year when the weather is good you don’t tend to see it that much.

Meg's Golden Rules

Ahead of Ascot, everyone wants to get their dresses sorted – but you don’t have to go to all the top-end shops and you shouldn’t be afraid of going into the sales.

Most of my dresses are last season and I either got them in sales or I bought them at the end of last summer.

That tactic definitely helps with saving money as they can get expensive.

With events like Ascot I don’t think it’s a bad thing to be slightly on the ball.

However, you can do lots with it and, as a result, there tends to be more colour on the accessories.

Before I’d even worn it I had it in my head that an orange hat would be ideal and I was lucky that the Stephen Jones piece works so well.

Stewart Williams – The Sun
Stewart Williams – The Sun
Stewart Williams – The Sun
Stewart Williams – The Sun
Stewart Williams – The Sun

The hat is from his Fenwick Collection and will be on display at Ascot during the week. They’re made bespoke so if you want to have a look at them and/or by them, then pop along.

I’m definitely fortunate to be able to wear such an incredible design and the red and black of the shoes compliment it well.

It’s the outfit I might well wear on Tuesday.

Meg's Kaimilan Look

Dress: Black dress by Kaimilan – originally £145, bought for £39

Hat: Royal Ascot Collection by Stephen Jones

Shoes: Marclono






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