What time is The Chase on TODAY, who is The Beast and is there a board game version?


THE Chase will be back on ITV for another fun-filled episode, featuring a team of challengers hoping to take on a brainy quiz mastermind intent on blocking their path to big bucks.

Ahead of the next show, here’s everything you need to know about the popular teatime programme, its host Bradley Walsh and the infamous Chasers…

The Chase fans are delighted to know there are more capers and quizzes to come

What time is The Chase on ITV?

The Chase will be on ITV this afternoon at 5pm.

It goes head-to-head with Pointless on BBC One, Tennis: Australia Open on BBC Two and Couples Come Dine With Me on Channel 4 in the early-evening ratings war.

Who is The Beast and who are The Chasers?

The Chasers are the quiz geniuses contestants go head-to-head with to win a cash prize.

The Beast is one of them – his real name, however, is Mark Labbett.

Joining him are Anne Hegerty (nicknamed The Governess), Shaun Wallace (The Dark Destroyer) and Paul Sinha (The Sinnerman).

The Chasers are back and as intimidating as ever

Is there a Chase board game?

Yes, there is – and it’s actually pretty popular.

In fact, the game has a 4 star rating on Amazon.

It costs £15.99 and is suitable for people aged 8 years and older.

What is The Chase?

The teatime game show sees four plucky contestants go up against one of Britain’s best quiz brains in a bid to win thousands of pounds.

The teams compete against the chaser, one of six know-it-all quizzers, in a bid to keep the money that they win.

The Chase has amassed a huge cult following and is ITV’s most successful daytime show ever.

As well as catching the show on ITV at 5pm, there are some hilarious highlights that see host Bradley Walsh laugh uncontrollably at some of the questions.

Who is The Chase host Bradley Walsh?

Actor, singer and game show host Bradley Walsh is the presenter of The Chase and Cash Trapped.

He’s beloved by fans for his outbursts of laughter at some of the dafter questions on the show, which have helped it go viral a number of times and sealed its cult following of regular viewers.

Before The Chase, he also presented Supermarket Sweep in the 1990’s, and the National Lottery from 2004. Besides that he’s had roles in Coronation Street, Doctor Who spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures, and ITV’s crime drama Law and Order: UK.

Bradley is a seasoned TV host and has also had some notable acting roles
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Bradley has been plagued by accusations of being drunk on the job while hosting The Chase, but recently revealed he actually has a medical condition that makes him look like he’s had a few too many.

He revealed on This Morning that he suffers from blepharitis, which makes his eyes look red and swollen as if he has been on the booze.

He said: “I have to take [one pill] a day for it or I really struggle. I am going to need my eyes operated on at some point to sort it out.

“So many times, people have commented on [how I look]. But they don’t realise. If I take [medication] though, I’m fine.”

Blepharitis is a chronic eye condition which causes itchy, sore and swollen eyelids, and Bradley has been suffering with it since he was a teenager.

He had to deny being drunk during an appearance on weekend cookery show Sunday Brunch late last year.

Viewers flocked to Twitter to ask if the TV star had been boozing, but he later insisted he was sober.



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