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What Man Utd’s plan for Jadon Sancho ‘has always been’ as transfer edges closer


“Manchester United need a right winger,” Neville told Sky Sports’ The Gary Neville podcast.

“He’s a big, big talent, honestly he really is.

“I always think, particularly as a wide player, what would I have not wanted to have played against?

“The first thing is pace. And then you’ve got to think about, can he use his pace? Well yes he can, because he makes really good quality runs: the spin in behind, straight, but also the run inside in between full-back and centre-back – which I always think is the most difficult to mark.

“And then you think, well has he got quality on the ball? Could you just left him have it? Sometimes you’ve got quick players, let him have the ball.

“But when you let him have the ball, he can get it out of his feet and whip ridiculously good crosses in. So that’s when you’re thinking about the fact that you’ve got a real problem, as a full-back.

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