What Is Jet Lag And How Long Does It Last? Symptoms, How To Get Over It And Tips To Cure It


MOST of us dream of a holiday in the sun, but those long-haul flights can come with the drawback of sleepless nights, exhausted days and feeling woolly-headed.

But what is jet lag and how can you prevent it? Here’s what you need to know next time you’re struggling to adjust to a new time zone…

Getty Images Jet lag causes sleepless nights and a disturbed appetite, as well messing with your blood pressure

What is jet lag?

Jet lag refers to a whole range of symptoms people experience while adjusting to a new time zone, and different daylight hours.

It affects people of all ages – as the internal body clock struggles to adapt.

Jet lag can disturb your sleep at night, and make you feel drowsy and lethargic during the day. It can also cause digestion problems.

The more time zones you pass through, the more severe the symptoms will be.

Unlike general travel fatigue, jet lag can’t be cured by flying in a more comfortable seat, class of travel or speedy boarding.

What causes jet lag?

The world is divided into a mind-boggling 39 different time zones.

Getty Images To prevent jet lag, it’s a good idea to avoid napping on the plane if travelling during daylight hours

Your body’s 24-hour internal body clock is governed by circadian rhythms – which are disrupted when you cross through and into different time zones.

The body clock becomes set to your time zone by daylight hours and social interaction, so you’re prepared to wake up fresh in the morning and wind down at night.

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