Weight loss diet plan: Woman loses FOUR stone with these simple changes


Emma Cone had noticed she’d been gaining weight, and it was beginning to affect her confidence. Wearing a woman’s size 16 clothes, the cleaner, from Hull, explained she was “the biggest I had ever been”, and it was beginning to affect her relationship with her partner (now-husband). In August 2017, she was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. Thinking back to the discomfort and lack of confidence she had felt in the past, Emma, 35, recalled: “I wouldn’t even let my husband put his arm around me in bed in case he could feel my belly.”

Having always been conscious about her body, Emma’s diagnosis saw her go on to pile on the pounds, eventually tipping the scales at 14 stone and five pounds.

And, feeling worse than ever, in January last year, the 35-year-old decided to make a change.

Taking action, she joined her local gym, Xercise4Less, and decided to address her lifestyle.

It was just months before her wedding, which was taking place in July that year, and with a holiday in the pipeline, she found herself with plenty of motivation to focus on achieving a healthy weight.

Teaming up with someone else for her work outs, Emma began training around four times per week.

She also bought a monthly package of personal training sessions at the gym, as an extra incentive to slim.

As part of her weight loss journey, Emma also overhauled her diet plan.

Having been missing out on breakfast, she would find herself tucking into a McDonald’s burger at lunch time several times a week, followed by a takeaway for tea.

A typical day could also see her snacking on crisps, sweets, and sugary drinks.

“I was eating more takeaways each week than I would like to admit, and I enjoyed drinking at the weekend,” Emma said.

In a bid to lose weight, Emma switched up her meal plans – tending to eat a sandwich at lunch and a homemade chilli with salad and vegetables in the evening, all the while skipping the snacks.

Her hard work paid off, and in a matter of months, Emma lost four stone, dropping to 10 stone and five pounds.

And, a year on, Emma is continuing with her fitness routine, training three times per week.

Speaking about her future, Emma explained that she hopes to reach a healthy nine and a half stone.

She revealed: “I got to where I wanted to be for my holiday and I don’t want to put any additional pressure on myself.

“I’m still losing weight now and my aim is to get down to 9 ½ stone, which I haven’t been since I was 20.”

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