WATCH: Fitness babe has terrifying encounter on idyllic Bahamas beach


Instagram beauty Michelle Lewin, 32, has a shared a video of herself on holiday in the Bahamas. The bikini babe was filmed getting bitten by feral pigs on the exotic Pig Island off the USA. The blonde bombshell from Venezuela is seen being chased by the huge beasts as she walks along the beach in a barely-there white bikini. One particularly cheeky wild pig is seen viciously biting her on her bottom causing her to shriek in pain.

Model Michelle screams from the attack and cries out as she tries to escape from the animals.

She is visibly afraid of their aggression before the shot cuts to the aftermath of the incident.

Michelle’s husband, fellow fitness instructor husband Jimmy Lewin, films the bite.

The camera goes in for a close up of her peachy posterior which features an angry red mark across her left cheek.

The viral video has attracted well over 5.2 million views since it was uploaded yesterday.

Michelle captioned the post with a simple string of emojis – a pig, a raised eyebrow face, a shrug and a crying with laughter face.

Instagram users enjoyed the video with some saying the pigs were “cute” while others admired the model’s physique.

One person posted: “Part of me thinks oh I hope she is ok and the other part thinks it’s too funny not to laugh.”

Fortunately, the Venezuelan beauty wasn’t too scarred by the incident as a later Instagram story saw her enjoying breakfast on the beach.

Her husband Jimmy also shared photos of himself swimming with the wild pigs – but luckily without any biting.

Michelle isn’t the first model to have an unpleasant run-in with the pigs. Supermodel Chanel Iman swam with the beasts during a photo shoot for the infamous Fyre Festival and revealed how afraid she was of them.

The pigs live on Pig Island – real name Big Major Cay – an incredibly secluded Caribbean island which is uninhabited except for the group of four-legged friends. 

They paddle in the crystal clear waters and laze about on blinding white sand.

The mystery of how the pigs came to live there is the stuff of urban legend. Some say a group of sailors dropped them off intending to come back to cook them. When they didn’t return, it’s said the pigs survived off food dumped from passing ships.

Others say the pigs survived a shipwreck or that they escaped from a nearby islet.

The pigs on the Bahamas have become a global phenomenon but there are concerns they are suffering at the hand of tourists.

Visitors have been blamed for plying the animals with junk food and alcohol as well a riding them – leaving seven of them dead last year. 


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