WATCH: ‘Drunk’ Ryanair passenger forced off plane by police after ‘screaming’ at flyers


Ryanair passengers on a flight from Dublin, Ireland to Faro, Portugal were shocked when a “drunk” man became verbally abusive. The man is believed to have been part of a stag do who were allegedly drinking a mixture of vodka and Red Bull throughout the flight. A viral video has emerged of the incident from 2 May which captures the passenger’s altercation with a Portuguese police officer who came aboard after the flight landed in Faro. Footage – taken by fellow passenger PR consultant Deborah Martin – shows the airport police trying to get hold of the man’s boarding pass and hand luggage.

However, the man – who seems to be called Paddy – appears to be confused by the events occurring and repeatedly says: “What’s happening?”

The police officer continues to debate with the man before eventually grabbing hold of him by his neck and arm.

The passenger is then dragged down the aisle and off the plane, followed by the police.

According to Martin, Paddy and his friends had been “abusing staff and passengers.”

“One guy was out of his mind,” she told MailOnline. “He was screaming and shouting and being abusive.

“He was arguing and swearing with another hen party that was onboard.”

Martin added that the “comatose” man seemed to be so drunk he had forgotten his own name and didn’t understand what was going on.

“[The group] had their own stash of drink so he still had a plastic cup in his hand and was downing it in one go,” she said. “He had about four drinks as we were coming into land.

“To be fair most of his group were well-behaved and were trying to calm him down and get him to sit down and shut up.”

Martin also said other passengers were intimidated by the behaviour of the man, reported MailOnline.

She praised the staff’s response on Twitter, where she shared the footage, posting: “Well done to your great staff – another example of what they (and us) put up with.”

Ryanair told MailOnline that the man was “removed and detained” following his uncouth behaviour and that it was now a matter for “local police.”

The prosecutor at the Court of Faro in Portugal will now decide whether the male passenger should be charged. has contacted Ryanair for further comment on the altercation.

Footage has emerged from a Spring Airlines flight due to fly to Bangkok, China yesterday which was delayed by a woman who demanded the plane wait for her daughter who was still shopping in the airport. 

A viral video of the incident is sweeping the internet after gaining traction in China.


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