Watch as Exeter City player smashes his own car windscreen with horrendous shot in training


EXETER star Pierce Sweeney proved why he is a defender… after smashing his own car windscreen with a wild shot.

The 25-year-old Irishman was taking part in training when the ball trickled to his feet on the edge of the area.

This was the moment Pierce Sweeney thought he was going to find top bins
But he absolutely cannons the ball into the car park…
It smashed off the windscreen of his Mercedes

It sat up perfectly for Sweeney who couldn’t resist putting his laces through it after a lengthy run-up.

And it’s difficult to believe that he finished with eight goals in one season after witnessing this effort.

A strike Jonny Wilkinson would be proud of, he balloons it high, wide and handsome as it headed towards to the car park.

There was no luck of the Irish involved when the ball cannoned off his own Mercedes, cracking the windscreen.

A video on Twitter shows the amazing moment Sweeney stands over his vehicle realising the damage.

He can only stand there with his head in his hands and ponder his bank balance diminishing quickly just over a month before Christmas.

Sweeney did manage to see the funny side uploading the footage to Twitter with the caption: “Took a bobble I swear.

“Happy Thursday people.”

Sweeney was left counting the cost of his shot


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