Walking Dead: What did Samantha Morton REALLY think of Alpha's death?


    The Walking Dead is now in its 10th series on AMC and the latest season saw the death of the leader of the Whisperers – Alpha (played by Samantha Morton). Alpha was lulled into a false sense of security by Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) before he cut off her head. Samantha Morton has revealed her thoughts on Alpha’s death, and Express.co.uk has everything you need to know.

    What did Samantha Morton really think of Alpha’s death?

    Fans of The Walking Dead comics would have already known how Alpha’s life comes to an end, but many were still shocked at her death.

    Like in the comics, Negan led her into a secluded part of the woods and slit her throat before she had a chance to realise what was going on.

    Morton said she already knew exactly how she was going to die, and who would be the one to kill her.

    She told Insider: “Very early on I knew my story arc, so that wasn’t a surprise.

    “It was very clear that this character would have her head chopped off.” She also said she was told it would be Negan who would kill her.

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    Fans may be surprised to hear Morton has never watched an episode of The Walking Dead.

    She said she probably would not watch the show until years later, as she never follows shows she stars in.

    Speaking about how she felt about her character dying before the final season, she said: “When you’re doing something, I don’t look at what episode something happens in.

    “I’m part of the bigger picture and I think when you’re in The Walking Dead, the show is bigger than any one individual character.”

    With this in mind, she seemed quite content about the way her character’s story came to an end.

    She said showrunner Angela Kang had been upfront and honest with her from the get-go about how her death would play out.

    Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Morton said: “I think for me what was really amazing was that I made some really great connections early on with the team.

    “Therefore, when you know what’s going to happen, and they communicate really well with you about the story arc, and where you’re going, you can just enjoy the ride then.

    “It’s like having an amazing secret, but I suppose in a way in the comics that’s how she goes out.

    “It’s kind of there anyway, and they don’t always do what’s in the comics, I know, but this one, you need something to happen to her. She’s just absolutely shocking.”

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    Fans had mixed reviews about Alpha’s character, with some admiring her for her mean streak.

    One fan said on Twitter: “Just a point, Alpha was literally one of, if not THE best villain The Walking Dead has ever had, bravo Samantha Morton, could have watched her forever playing Alpha.”

    While they loved Morton’s acting, they resented her character for her heartless actions.

    Some fans believed it would be Carol (Melissa McBride) who would kill Alpha, as she had wanted her dead for a long time.

    Fox even teased the storyline on Twitter, posting a photo of Carol with the quote: “I’m going to kill her, it’ll feel good.”

    Fox said: “Carol is not going to rest until Alpha is brought down.”

    However, it transpired Negan had made a deal with Carol, in which he would be the one to kill Alpha.

    Negan then said Carol had to keep her side of the bargain, so fans are waiting to see what happens next with Negan.

    The season 10 finale was supposed to air in April 2020 but it was delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

    Fans will have to wait until later this year to find out what happens to the remaining survivors.

    The Walking Dead will return to AMC later in 2020.


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