Wakefield’s David Fifita hits out at ‘cheap crap’ creeping into rugby league


DAVID Fifita has called on rugby league players to cut out the ‘cheap crap’ that sees them go for opponents’ knees after being lucky to avoid serious injury.

The Wakefield prop and boss Chris Chester were furious when Wigan youngster Joe Shorrocks charged in at the prop’s joint to bring him down.

Wakefield’s David Fifita does not want ‘cheap crap’ from rugby league players targeting opponents

Fans were equally angry when the Rugby Football League’s match review panel decided it was not worthy of a suspension.

However, one source told SunSport that Shorrocks appeared to be still on his feet at the point of contact with the back of the knee joint.

As such, there was no case to answer however that did not stop Fifita, who posted a video on social media, slamming the way players target him and team-mate Pauli Pauli.

The 29-year-old, who signed a new three-year deal this week, said: “It wasn’t really my knee, it was more my Achilles and the front of my ankle.

“Every week I’m just copping it and copping it. I’m trying to find a good way to hold my stance and I’d just watched two players go off the field because of them going straight in.

David Fifita was incensed by this challenge in their game against Wigan

“It did hurt at the time and it does put you in shock, with it going through your head, ‘What’s just happened? It could be a bad injury.’

“I didn’t post the video to try and get Wigan players banned but I know myself and Pauli Pauli are big boys and I see them going in on him.

“We’re all players, even though we’re big, and we all should get treated the same. I don’t want anything like that.

“I don’t want it happening on a weekly basis, I don’t want cheap crap like that to take us down. Surely there are other ways than dirty tactics like that.

“If I did the same to someone, I’d cause damage with my bodyweight. It made me angry.”


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