Waitrose closing stores: FULL LIST – is your store to close? 700 jobs at risk


Waitrose has announced it is selling three of its supermarkets to Lidl.

Bromley in London, Oadby in Leicestershire and Wollaton in Nottinghamshire will be sold to the German supermarket.

Now more names have been added to the list of stores set to close, taking the total number to seven.

Waitrose is closing the seven shops in the autumn – Bromley, Oadby, Sandhurst, Wollaton, Marlow, Stevenage & Waterside near Heathrow.

Seven hundred jobs will be put at risk by the move.

Which Waitrose stores are closing?

Bromley in London

Oadby in Leicestershire

Wollaton in Nottinghamshire




Waterside near Heathrow

Many lamented the closures. One wrote: “God knows how I’m gonna break it to my mum. It’s a travesty. #waitrose #oadby #whatwegonnadonow”

Another said: “So Waitrose is closing in #Stevenage Old Town – lots of people are very upset even people that didnt shop there!

“It was strangely aspirational for many. Coffee area had a very elderly WI air about it. Sorry to see it go. Best of luck for the future to all employed there.”

Another angry customer wrote: “@waitrose Furious to find out #stevenage branch closing after 40 yrs, Hertford and now this one. Where are we supposed to shop? Lidl, aldi, tesco Yuk, yuk.

“Why closing all of north east Hertfordshire ones? Are we not good enough for you? and what about the integral post office?” (sic)

One adapted a well knwon song to convey his grief.

He wrote: “Oh no, it seems to go, but you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, they take paradise and put up a Lidl shop. Wah, wah, wah, wah @BWaitrose #waitrose.”


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