Vikings: Was Rollo the father of the real Bjorn Ironside?


    In the Vikings season five, part one finale, Rollo (played by Clive Standen) offered his former love, Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) and his nephew Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) safe passage to Francia. When they rejected, Rollo revealed he was the real father of Bjorn, not his brother the Viking legend Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel). has everything you need to know.

    Was Rollo the father of the real Bjorn Ironside?

    Many of the characters in Vikings are loosely based on real historical figures, including Rollo, Bjorn Ironside, Ragnar and Lagertha.

    However, show creator Michael Hirst has blended historical fact and fiction to tell the story of Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons.

    In particular, he has changed family dynamics, the manner of characters deaths, and altered the historical timeline.

    For example, in the series, he portrayed Vikings warriors Rollo and Ragnar as brothers, however, they were not related in real life.

    In the series, Rollo and Ragnar are portrayed as having a strained relationship, and the former was left heartbroken after Lagertha chose to marry his sibling over him.

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    Rollo is based Rollo, Duke of Normandy and Count of Rouen.

    Rollo was a Scandinavian Viking who became the first ruler of Normandy in 911.

    He became the first ruler following the Siege of Chartres in 911, when Charles the Simple, the king of West Francia, ceded land which is recognised as present-day Rouen, to Rollo and the Vikings.

    Rollo was married to Poppa of Bayeux and his descendants and followers became known as the Normans.

    He was also the great-great-grandfather of William the Conqueror, the first Norman King of England reigning from 1066 until 1087.

    The real Bjorn is believed to have lived in the ninth century between 855 and 858.

    However, there have been doubts over Bjorn’s ancestors, which may have inspired the storyline of Rollo being his father.

    In William of Jumièges account, written in 1070, Bjorn is referred to as the son of King Ragnar Lothrbok but there is also mention of a foster-father by the name of Hastein.

    Hastein was a Viking chieftain, who led several successful raids across Europe.

    In the account, Bjorn and Hastein are described as leading successful aids in France later the raids into the Mediterranean.

    Whether Rollo will return in the final 10 episodes of Vikings remains unknown for now.

    Show creator Michael Hirst teased to Cinema Blend earlier this year Rollo could appear in the final series.

    When asked if the Viking will return one more time, the Vikings boss stated: “Well, if I could tease that out a little bit, I would say ‘yes’ and ‘no.’

    “But Rollo’s re-appearance will be a huge surprise, as indeed it was rather a surprise to me.

    “But I’ll leave it to that. I don’t want to be too evasive, but the answer in the long-term is both ‘yes’ and ‘no'”

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