Victoria Beckham’s messy bedroom screams ‘we’ve got a hot sex life… and I’ve still got it,’ claims expert


VICTORIA Beckham has lived up to her Posh moniker with steely glares and rarely smiling – but now, with a new YouTube channel, she’s keen to show fans ‘the real’ her. 

Or is she? Here, celebrity psychologist and behavioural expert Jo Hemmings decodes the hidden messages behind the carefully staged video tour and gives her verdict.

Fans have accused Victoria’s new You Tube video as being ‘staged’

Ruffled bed sheets to show she has active sex life

Victoria is giving fans a glimpse at an active sex life, according to Jo – but David isn’t there.

What she’s trying to say: “I’ll let you come to your own conclusion about why my sheets are so tangled, but it might have something to do with my hot husband.”

What she really reveals: “The ruffled bed could definitely be an attempt to ‘sex-up’ her image.

“The state of the bed sheets hint that two people stayed there and have an active sex life, but the fact that one pillow is left perfectly untouched says otherwise. It looks like a stage-set,” says Jo.

“The neat pillow hints she slept alone and deliberately made a mess of the sheets.”

“Fans will find it really hard to believe that Victoria wasn’t aware she was going to be filmed, yet her bed is unmade and the curtains of her hotel room are drawn.

“The fact that she repeatedly jokes about how David would have a ‘panic attack’ also hints that she’s keen to assert her independence from him. She doesn’t live by his rules.

“The fact that she keeps referring to him shows a need to overcompensate for something – it’s a little bit ‘try too hard’”.

Wardrobe with just TWO pairs of shoes

Jo says Victoria’s deliberately sparse shoe rack looks all too contrived

What she’s trying to say: “Like most women, I have a limited shoe collection to choose from.”

What she really reveals: “The wardrobe looks rather tidy but the two pairs of shoes are very staged – there is no way a fashion designer travels with so many clothes and two pairs of shoes,” says Jo. “There’s a large gap in between them where a few pairs have been removed.

“The fact that she has to constantly ‘prove’ this, indicates ongoing insecurity about much of her life.

“She repeatedly calls herself ‘messy’ and says her room is a ‘dump’ – she’s going above and beyond to show how ordinary she is. She wants people to know she doesn’t care about trivial things like mess.

“What she’s really keen to do is ‘have it all’ in many ways – a great mother, wife and part of the rock solid Team Beckham, while simultaneously being independent and successful professionally, yet still just as chaotic and messy as the rest of us.”

Towels strewn over the floor

Jo says Victoria appears to have barely used her hotel room but is ‘at pains’ to appear normal

What she’s trying to say: “I fling my towels on the floor too, I’m no perfectionist”

What she really reveals: “She’s showing a more youthful, rebellious streak that’s the complete opposite of her Instagram page – but there are freshly cut flowers just to the side of the shot,” says Jo.

“Her water, delivered in what looks like a champagne cooler is also both still and sparkling, as is the water by her bed.

“Victoria is a perfectionist and it’s clear her demands are a lot more than she lets on in the video.

“She wanted the cameras to appear to catch her unawares – with her heels on”.

“People tend to drop towels on the floor when they come out of the shower,but Victoria’s are still perfectly folded and appear to have been deliberately thrown there.

She knows chaos resonates with her fans. Other women want to know that she’s ‘just like us’ and that’s what Victoria is trying to prove.”

Plunging shirt, red nails and tequila

Jo says Victoria is keen to ‘sex up’ her image with a plunging neckline and red nails

What she’s trying to say: “I’ve still got it. I’ll stand here in a very sexy shirt to endorse this tequila”.

What she really reveals: “I find this shot really odd. She seems really posed while showing off the £120 bottle tequila, which she calls ‘my friend Don’.

“What’s interesting is that her shirt is very unbuttoned – much more than it normally would be, which hints that she’s keen to give off an air of sexiness.

“This is also exaggerated by her red nails and masculine jacket. It’s a ‘femme fatale’ image that she does periodically – it says: ‘I’ve still got it’.

Every so often, her and David both feel the need to pose for sexy images, either separately or together. It’s a need to prove something, whether it be themselves or their marriage.

“The most interesting fact of all of this is while she tries so hard to make everyone resonate with her, some of us would prefer not to see her as ordinary.”


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