Vicky Pattison slams ‘dangerous’ body-shaming Valentine’s Day advert telling women they’re single because they’re overweight


VICKY Pattison has furiously hit out against a “dangerous” body-shaming Valentine’s Day advert suggesting single women can’t find love because they’re overweight.

The I’m a Celeb winner slammed the ‘shocking’ post after admitting she’d wondered if ex-fiance John Noble cheated on her because she wasn’t thin enough.

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Vicky Pattison hit out at the “damaging” social media post featuring a body-shaming advert[/caption]


The advert suggested that single women were alone because they are overweight[/caption]


The image showed a bikini-clad women with the caption: “If you were in better shape, you wouldn’t be alone. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Vicky, 31, expressed her dismay on high-protein brand MuscleFood’s Instagram after they reshared the advert – which was not made by them and does not promote their products – in order to start a debate about body confidence.


Vicky laid in to MuscleFood for reposting the ad – which was not made by them and does not promote their products – in an attempt to provoke debate[/caption]

After MuscleFood asked: “What could an advert like this DO for a person’s mental health?”, Vicky, who previously tweeted about eating the company’s dishes, replied: “I’m actually shocked you’ve even posted it.

“I think giving it any publicity at all is dangerous.”

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Vicky admitted she wondered if ex-fiance John Noble cheated on her because she was not thin enough[/caption]


MuscleFood have since deleted the picture from their Instagram and founder Darren Beale told The Sun: “Our social post made it clear that we do not condone the advert because we have a very different set of values.

“Our intention, rather than to shy away from an emotive subject, was to start a discussion on the damaging impact ads like this can have on mental health.”

Just two weeks ago, Vicky revealed how her self-esteem hit rock bottom after her split in November.


Vicky has opened up in depth about her body insecurities[/caption]


She said: “When something like this happens, you blame yourself and I did question myself. Maybe if I was thinner he wouldn’t have done what he did.

“You think, ‘If I looked more like those girls, he wouldn’t have done it’. But I couldn’t make John love me and I couldn’t make him a man. That’s not my job.”


Vicky said: “It’s nice to have curves, but if you don’t have them that’s ok.”[/caption]

The former Geordie Shore star, who is now dating ex Towie cast member Ercan Ramadan, hit out at body-shamers last month, telling the Daily Star: “I just don’t understand why everyone is so obsessed with how we look, but it is annoying. I go to the gym, I exercise, I train hard because I like to be strong.

“I think it is nice to have curves, but if you haven’t got them, that is okay too.

“Whatever we look like it is fine if we embrace it, own it and just build each other up rather than tear them down, it drives me crackers.”


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