Valentines Day Horoscope: Your love life predictions and zodiac forecast REVEALED


Valentine’s Day is back, filling the universe with romantic vibes. For some, February 14 means setting a wedding date, while for others it could end in agreeing to move on. has compiled how the heavens will impact this heart-shaped holiday, with a little help from Love by Luna’s resident astrologer Kyle Thomas.


With Mars in your sign the first half of the month, those born under Aries can expect to particularly passionate this `Valentine’s Day.

Aries always enjoy been partnered-up with someone, making Valentine’s Day one a favourite time of year.


Mars is entering your star sign, Taurus, today which should encourage you to go after your amorous goals.

So today is the time to go for broke, as Taurus will be one of the most fulfilled signs this Valentine’s Day for those who actually make the effort.

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Daily horoscope Valentines Day today

Daily horoscope: How will February 14 affect your love life? (Image: Getty)

Valentines Day Horoscope February 14 heart

Valentines Day horoscope: How the heavens will impact this heart-shaped holiday? (Image: Getty)


Valentine’s Day 2019 could be the time to alter whatever amorous path you are on.

Jupiter is on your side, meaning now could be time if are considering a change.


Singletons born under Cancer cold well be keen connect with a special someone this Valentine’s Day, and things could be moving in their favour due to the position of planets.

Try to literally put yourself in the kind of place where you can meet the person you want this Valentin’s Day, and you could reap the rewards.

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Lets are known as the star sign who loves life at the centre of attention, making a fling with an ex a distinct possibility.

In a similar vein, if you have a crush you want to finally connect with make a special effort to do so today.


According to the stars and Venus, try and indulge in what makes you feel good this Valentine’s Day.

The Virgos of the world can expect success in meeting someone special this Valentine’s Day.

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Valentines Day Horoscope February 14 love

Valentines Day horoscope: Most star signs will be lucky in love this year (Image: Getty)

Valentines Day Horoscope February 14 Thursday

Valentines Day horoscope: February 14 is the most romantic day of the year (Image: Getty)


Those born under the Libra star sign can also expect to benefit from Jupiter’s astrological energy this Valentine’s Day.

It should be straightforward for Libras to connect with a crush that could potentially go the distance today.


Scorpios are typically known for their emotional depths, as well as a flirtatious edge.

And with the planet Mars in your house of marriage, todays’s stars could see you readying to commit to someone for the long term.

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The moon will be hanging around your house of partnership, marriage, and commitment today

This could result in want to spend snuggle up with someone special at some point this Valentine’s Day.


Although Capricorns lack a romantic reputation do not let any opportunities go astray this Valentine’s Day.

For those Capricorns not currently in a relationship, expect a strong attraction with someone with long-term potential thanks to the placement of Venus.

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Valentines Day Horoscope February 14

Valentine’s Day horoscope: Romantic vibes are the order of the day (Image: Getty)

Valentines Day Horoscope

Valentines Day horoscope: Some people may reconnect with an ex today (Image: Getty)


With Jupiter in your house of friendships, the stars are not necessarily on your side in relation to your love life.

So for those on the look-out for love this Valentine’s Day, today unfortunately may not be too successful.


Valentine’s Day could be momentous for those born under the Pisces star sign, as the incoming full moon in your marriage house could result in a relationship.

If you’re happy, prepare for everything to get even better, but those in a rocky relationship could end this Valentine’s Day with a break up.

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