US teen sues Apple for $1bn after its ‘facial recognition scanners’ mistake him for crook


A TEENAGER is suing Apple for an eye-watering $1billion (£0.77billion) after he was accused of stealing from its stores.

Ousmane Bah, a student living in New York, claims he was falsely arrested for thieving as a result of a mix-up with Apple’s “facial recognition systems”.

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Apple’s facial recognition tech has reportedly falsely accused a teenager of thieving from its stores in New York City (stock)[/caption]

The 18-year-old was arrested at his home in November and charged with theft at multiple Apple stores across New York, according to court documents seen by Bloomberg.

Apparently, the real thief carried a stolen ID that included Ousmane’s name, address and other personal details.

Crucially, it didn’t feature his photo, Ousmane claims.

Because of this, when Apple finally caught the thief, it falsely linked his face with Ousmane’s details, and uploaded them to its high tech security system.

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Ousmane Bah, 18, is suing Tim Cook’s Apple to the tune of $1billion (£0.77billion)[/caption]

Ousmane says an Apple facial recognition system then picked him out as having carried out several thefts across its stores.

His details were then handed to the police, who promptly put out an arrest warrant.

Thousands of dollars worth of Apple tech were stolen in the string of thefts, which hit stores in New Jersey, Delaware, and Manhattan.

One theft in Boston reportedly took place at the same time Ousmane was at an event in Manhattan.

An investigator examining security footage from the stores concluded that the perpetrator looked nothing like Ousmane.

All charges have been dropped, except in New Jersey.

The claim of $1billion is related to “severe stress and hardship” caused by the alleged false arrest and charges.


Apple has not commented publicly on the case[/caption]

If he is found innocent, Ousmane could be in for some compensation.

However, the chances of him getting his hands on the full $1billion he’s asked for are slim.

Apple has not commented publicly on the case.

However, it said it does not use facial recognition technology in its stores.

It’s far from the first time Apple has been taken to court – the firm was recently sued for “hiding” the display notch on the iPhone XS in adverts for the phone.

Earlier this month, the company was accused of fraud for supposedly hiding a slump in demand for the iPhone.

Apple was slammed by feminists last year for making the iPhone too big for ladies’ hands.

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