Us Open Slammed As Sexist After Punishing Alize Cornet For Taking Top Off In 33c Heat After Putting It On Wrong Way Round


US OPEN officials have been slammed after tennis star Alize Cornet was given a code violation for turning her T-shirt the right way round.

The 28-year-old was returning to the court after a short break in her first round match when she realised she had put her shirt on back-to-front.

This was the moment when Alize Cornet came back onto court with her T-shirt the wrong way round

Wanting to crack on with her US Open match, Alize Cornet decided to sort things out

The French tennis star had taken a break and changed her top due to the sweltering heat

Cornet was taking on Swedish player Johanna Larsson in 33C heat in New York.

Turning her back to the cameras, she quickly re-adjusted, showing a flash of a black sports bra underneath.

But incredibly, the French tennis player was given a warning by chair umpire Christian Rask.

It has led to an outpouring of outrage on social media, with many claiming the decision to be sexist.

Instagram @alizecornet The French tennis star was given a warning for taking her top off on court – and Twitter isn’t happy

The 28-year-old’s black sports bra was shown, from the back, for no more than 10 seconds while she re-adjusted

Incredibly, Alize Cornet was given a warning by the umpire during her tennis game

The Womens’ Tennis Association rules state that females are not allowed to change clothing on court – yet men are.

Judy Murray, mother of two-time Wimbledon winner and Brit tennis hero Andy, was one of the first to express her disbelief at what went on.


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