US embassy in Iraq attacked: Three rockets fired near building in central Baghdad


    It is understood, missiles have been fired at the embassy in the capital. 

    As of yet, no casualties have been reported. 

    Although unconfirmed, three rockets have landed near to the embassy in the centre of the capital. 

    It is believed seven Katyusha rockets were fired towards the embassy. 

    One person said: “Reports in rockets fired at towards the US embassy in Baghdad.

    “American fighter jets are flying above the area at the moment.”

    US coalition supply convoys were also attacked in Iraq on Tuesday. 

    The attack occurred near to the border of Kuwait and just north of the capital. 

    The missile strikes did not cause any casualties but there was damage to equipment. 

    On Sunday, a military convoy carrying supplies was also struck in southern Iraq. 

    These attacks are just the latest in a string of missile strikes in the country against coalition forces. 

    US forces are under constant threat from Iran-backed Shia Muslims who the US has blamed for several of the rocket strikes. 

    These missile strikes have increased following the death of Qassem Soleimani in January. 

    The leader of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard was killed during a missile strike in the capital. 

    In the wake of the strike, tensions in the Middle East escalated. 


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