Universal Credit UK: This is how Britons may be able to bypass the five-week wait


    Universal Credit provides regular payments to those who need an extra financial helping hand. The payment is currently issued by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) which helps to ensure people get the right amount of money at the correct time. To be eligible for Universal Credit, a person is required to fulfil particular criteria.

    In this case, then, Britons may be able to bypass the five week wait by applying for a Universal Credit advance payment.

    An advance is available to people who need extra assistance in paying their bills or covering other essential costs while they wait to receive their first payment. 

    The advance can be a sum up to or equal to a person’s first expected payment. 

    To be eligible for an advance, there are also certain criteria which have to be met by a new claimant.

    A person must tell the DWP why the advance is necessary, as well as providing their bank details for the advance to be paid.

    People are also required to confirm their identity, so the DWP can ensure the money is going to the right place.

    New claimants should usually find out on the same day if they have been approved for the advance payment.

    In the vast majority of cases, these claimants can expect to receive their advance within three working days.

    However, those who are in particularly dire straits are encouraged to inform the DWP of their circumstances. 

    This is because, in absolute emergencies, they may be entitled to receive their advance on the same day to alleviate any financial hardship they could be facing.

    When taking out an advance, Britons are advised to think carefully, as it must be repaid.

    The advance is not ‘free money’ and the start of repayment comes from a proportion of a person’s first Universal Credit payment.

    Britons can choose how long they would like to pay the advance back over, but it must be met within 12 months.

    Fortunately, though, claimants are not required to pay any interest on this sum, so they will only have to pay back what they originally received. 


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