UN urged to act as research shows nearly 1,000 attacks on health workers in 2018


In Afghanistan, where levels of violence have been increasing in recent years, a bomb hidden in an ambulance killed 95 people.

Researchers documented 50 attacks on healthcare in Yemen, perpetrated by both parties to the conflict. In Libya there were 47 attacks, followed by 30 in the Central African Republic – although gathering data from these two countries is difficult, said Leonard Rubenstein, chair of the coalition and report author.

“In the Central African Republic there may have been more attacks. These countries don’t have good reporting – in Libya, we know that the health system has pretty much collapsed. The majority of health facilities are not functioning,” he said, adding that the total number of attacks was likely to be an underestimate.

He added that it was difficult to determine whether attacks were deliberate or not  in Yemen, for example, urban areas have been targeted by both parties to the conflict so destruction of health facilities and other civil infrastructure has been inevitable.


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