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UFC fans stunned as fighter suffers horrific elbow injury in defeat – 'straight up brutal'


UFC fans were left stunned after Joe Pyfer suffered a gruesome elbow injury in his defeat against Dustin Stoltzfus on Tuesday night. Pyfer was lifted off the ground and slammed on his side by Soltzfus, landing directly on his elbow. 

Pyfer suffered what appeared to be one of the more gruesome injuries in recent UFC history on Tuesday. 

The middleweights clashed at Dana White’s Contender Series, with some decent action in the first round. 

However, the fight came to an abrupt halt as the two engaged in a clinch, with Stoltzfus lifting Pyfer off the ground. 

He then slammed Pyfer to the ground, with Pyfer landing directly on his right arm as he attempted to cushion the fall. 

It was then that Pyfer’s arm gave way under him, and his arm was bent backwards on itself.  

From the moment he made contact with the ground it was clear how bad the injury was, as Soltzfus winced and cupped his hand over his mouth in shock. 

Somehow, Pyfer appeared to be fine, and immediately reassured Soltzfus that he was okay, simply saying: “This sucks, bro.” 

Despite initial fears that he had broken his arm, Pyfer staggeringly emerged from the incident with only a dislocated elbow. 

One asked: “Did Pyfer even flinch once? Tough hombre.” 

Soltzfus didn’t celebrate the win, and was quick to comfort Pyfer – clearly under the impression that the injury was worse than it ended up being. 

And other fans were quick to praise him for his sportsmanship. 

One posted: “Amazing sportsmanship and concern!” 

Another wrote: “Great show of sportsmanship by his opponent.” 


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