Turkey to DEFY Trump and import DEADLY Russian air-defence missile system


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan wants to import the Russian-made S-400s despite White House threats of sanctions and “grave consequences” if the purchase isn’t cancelled. The US has also warned it will freeze the sale of US-built F-35 fighter jets if Turkey buys the S-400s. But despite the US cranking up the pressure on Turkey the missile system is set to be deployed at Mürted Air Base, northwest of Ankara, according to Turkish media.

In 2017, Turkey and Russia agreed a £1.89billion ($2.5billion) deal for Moscow to deliver four sets of the S-400s.

Washington had urged Ankara to scrap the deal with Russia, offering its Patriot air defence systems as an alternative.

But Turkey rejected the US offer, although it claimed it could purchase US-made military weapons in the future.

The new S-400 defence system squadrons can shoot down enemy aircraft from the ground and is seen as the most deadly long-range air defence system in the world.

It is Russia’s most advanced long-range surface-to-air missile, and can down missiles and drones as far away as 250 miles.

Turkey is also planning to purchase a batch of the S-300 PMU-2 surface to air missile defence system.

The units can intercept missiles at a distance of more than 150 miles as well as engage several air targets at once.

Mr Erdoğan plans to send a Turkish delegation of 100 officials to Azerbaijan to examine the S-300 PMU2 missile system.

Turkish troops will be trained in Russia on how to operate the S-400s

The S-400 has also been exported to China export orders placed by India.

Last month, Mr Trump cancelled the sale of 100 F-35 jets to Turkey as the crisis between the two countries deepened.

Pentagon chief Pat Shanahan warned Turkey’ buying the F-35s from the US and the S-400 from Russia was “incompatible”.

Earlier this month, Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon said: “Turkey’s acquisition of the Russian S-400 air defense system will have grave consequences for the US defence relationship with Turkey.”


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