Treetop walkways and curvy bridges among stunning frontrunners for the Architectural Photography Awards


INCREDIBLE photos of architectural masterpieces, including a towering skyscraper and an intricately curved bridge reminiscent of honeycomb comprise just a few of the frontrunners for Architectural Photography Awards.

With the overall winner set to be announced in December, the snaps from the 21 top photographers showcase the best of 2,000 entries received from more than 40 countries.

Joan Muñoz Arango/APA19/Sto

The Vessel, a New York landmark photographed by Joan Muñoz Arango[/caption]

Su Zhewei/APA19/Sto

China Resources Headquarters in Shenzhen by finalist Su Zhewei[/caption]

Marco de Groot/APA19/Sto

A stunning aerial snap of the Camp Adventure Observation Tower in Denmark by Marco de Groot[/caption]

Buildings featured in the snaps include some of the world’s best known landmarks.

According to competition organisers over a third of the competition’s entries came from the UK.

Photographers in the final hail from all over the world, from China to Romania and Colombia.

The awards are divided into six categories, including exteriors, interiors and even snaps captured on smartphones.

The winner will be announced at the World Architectural Festival in December.

Vincent Wu/APA19/Sto

Hill of the Buddha at the Makomanai Takino Cemetery in Sapporo, Japan by Hong Kong photographer Vincent Wu[/caption]

Mohammad Almudhhi/APA19/Sto

Mohammad Almuddhi’s shot of Schmela House, Dusseldorf[/caption]

Laurian Ghinitoiu/APA19/Sto

The Twist Museum in Norway, Jevnaker[/caption]

Ma ChengRong/APA19/Sto

A housing complex in Irkutsk, Russia captured by Ma Chengrong[/caption]

Thomas Knowles/APA19/Sto

UK’s Thomas Knowles’ photograph from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London[/caption]

Marco Tagliarino/APA19/Sto

Marco Tagliarino’s photo of the twisting Generali Tower in Milan, Italy[/caption]

Aurelien Chen/APA19/Sto

French photographer, Aurelien Chen’s photograph of Beijing’s Guardian Art Centre[/caption]

Tan Xiao/APA19/Sto

Tan Xiao’s snap of Napavilions in Xi’an, China[/caption]

Joris Hoogstede/APA19/Sto

Grundtvig’s Church, Copenhagen, Denmark shot by Joris Hoogstede.[/caption]

Inge Schuster/APA19/Sto

The Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, Lisbon, Portugal by Amanda Levete shot by Inge Schuster[/caption]

Yi-Hsien Lee/APA19/Sto

Yi-Hsien Lee’s shot of an office building in Tokyo, Japan [/caption]


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